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Updated on November 22, 2010



Alisa was driving on this balmy light winded day around the WindwardShore looking for a nice place to park so she could relax and sunbathe in peace.


On vacation in Halulu nothing made her happier except she thought “If I only had someone I loved to share all this wonderfulness with.” 


Even though Alisa was a very attractive well educated woman, she had not found yet a man worthy of her.  Generally Alisa dove herself into her work to widdle away the hours and fight off the loneliness.  However it was times like these on a vacation alone that it really hit Alisa Castlebury how unfulfilled her life really was.


Alisa was tall and full figured, and made a bikini look the way it should really be worn.  She had long blonde some-what curly hair in this humid weather.  Green eyes that changed with her mood or the colors she was wearing.  Alisa was always manicured to perfection, with her nails done to match the color of her toe nails.  Sporting already a tan Alisa’s silver jewelry made her look dressed up with almost nothing on.


As Alisa laid out her blanket she started to think about how her job was running without her?  She was a CEO of a very big company that manufactured computer chips. 


Alisa laid down and started putting on additional tanning oil as her mind was still going over the work she left behind at the office.   Than she thought to herself “Stop girl you are on vacation empty your mind!”


A few hours went by and after refreshing herself with the gigantic foamy waves that rolled in; Alisa decided it was time to head back to her resort she was staying at.


While collecting her things she thought how blessed she was to had invested in such an exclusive time share resort. 


This resort had all the amenities a person would conceivably want on a deluxe vacation.   There were two pools, Jacuzzis, tennis courts, a golf course, as well as a main dinning room that offered a continental breakfast each morning,  and indoor and out door cocktail bar with service people to wait on you almost around the clock.


Alisa’s time share condo was a two bedroom two bath exotic dream.  Decorated to the hilt right down to the wicker pull out couch and the matching bamboo colored sheer drapes that led the full length of the sliding glass doors to the main patio which over looked the ocean view.

Each bedroom as well as the side dining room had a panoramic view of the mountains behind the resort. All these views were breathtaking!


Alisa couldn’t imagine what she would do for her evening?  Being alone she had limited options in her book to do;  although the resort was having a dance-off tonight adjacent to the main dinning room and she felt she could venture there alone to enjoy the music and activities. 

Alisa did not like going to too many places alone in the evenings; to her it just didn’t seem purposeful, practical or proper for a woman to venture out alone to unknown places at night.

Oh sure Alisa would had loved to risked going into Hawakiki and join in the night festivities there, but going alone in her mind was out of the question.  She would just have to be satisfied with her resorts entertainment.


While Alisa was taking her beach bag from her car she had a start! 

An almost out of control gulf cart practically ran her down! 

The driver stopped for a moment to look if she was alright and quickly drove off on his way!

Alisa thought still startled “The nerve of that guy not even taking the time to say he was sorry!” “Not even a wave!” She collected her thoughts to walk toward her condo steps, now not being able to think about anything else but how handsome the driver of the cart was. 


He was tall dark with ebony skin tone, a big white smile, dressed in kaki shorts and a striped shirt.  The one thing that kept playing over and over in her mind was his high check bones and that wild wide bright smile.  But she thought again “The nerve of him almost running me down and not apologizing!”  “Get that handsome man out of your head girl!”


Well Alisa had showered and changed into some island formal attire, and it was almost seven o’clock, having nothing else to do she thought it would be time to wonder over to the resorts restaurant for dinner.


Everyone seemed to have someone they were dinning with except for her, but she did not let this detour her, and she was kindly seated at a small table on the deck over looking the pool. Alisa ordered the shrimp cabob and was sipping on wine when she could hear this loud laugh at the table beside her.


It was a contagious laugh, but being alone and feeling a little out of place this laugh seemed to be overly loud, as well it was getting on her nerves!

“Who the heck could be so loud, and to be laughing so much!” she thought. 


The laughter actually was coming from the table set behind her, and when she took a brief look to see who it was, she was shocked to see it was the same man that almost ran her down with the gulf cart! Muttering to herself Alisa said “Figures it would be him, that obnoxious man!” 


Alisa looked away before he could recognize her “not that it would had made a difference to such a rude man!”  She could not help but over hear his laughter, or much of his conversation to his crony he was sitting with. 

After finishing her dinner and still having to tolerate the loud laughter Alisa couldn’t help but think “Thank goodness!” “I am done with my dinner so I can finally move. Alisa went to move to the dance hall bar to get situated for the music to start, thinking all the time “Thank goodness I am getting away from this horrible man!”


As bars went this one was exceptionally long and curved at the end.  Alisa found a seat in the perfect spot to watch the band that was just finishing setting up.  She ordered another wine and finally felt relaxed again.  Alisa thought to herself “you never know girlfriend you just might meet some nice gentleman here”.  Certainly Alisa was feeling very alone at this point; however she knew once the music started she would not appear to everyone else to be alone and look like she was sticking out like a sore thumb. She thought “as soon as the music starts it will occupy and ease my mind.”


The band started playing and right away there were happy go lucky couples already dancing.  Other people were enjoying the beat of the music and Alisa felt herself relax enough to be tapping her toe.


The band announced the dance-off would soon start and would all the participating couples line up in numerical order. 


Alisa noticed all of the male dancers had numbers to wear on their backs of their tuxes and most of the women partners were dressed to beat the band. 


Than Alisa noticed one couple that stuck out like sparkling gems.  It was the scoundrel that almost mowed her down!  He was with a beautiful red head that was wearing a light blue chiffon short formal dress.  For some reason Alisa felt a twinge of jealousy towards the woman, and could not keep her eyes off the man. 

She thought to herself “even though rude and obnoxious he is handsome, maybe the best looking guy I have ever seen”  “I am sure he must be full of himself, and confident he is a looker.”


They began to announce the names of the dancers and his was fifth to be called.  “Craig Stanford” even his name had sounded luscious.  “Figures” She thought “not only good-looking but a strong well sounding sexy name.”  “He obviously must be a snob!”


The dance-off began, and Alisa could not stop watching Craig Stanford.  He certainly knew how to dance and manipulate his partners dance steps to a tee.  He seemed to be the best male dancer there, therefore complimenting his lady friend in her dance. 


At one point Alisa thought Craig Stanford looked directly at her as her cheeks proceeded to blush. 

The dance-off was going to go on until twelve o’clock and Alisa was starting to feel a little self conscious, being she was almost the only single stag person there in the whole place.  Of course this was not really the case just how Alisa felt inside.  So she decided to go back to her condo maybe go to bed fairly early so she could get up early and go on her adventure she planned for the next day.



Up and ready early Alisa went in and ate the continental breakfast.  Today she was going to try something new for an adventure.  Instead of driving to her destination she was going to try the bus transit system.  The bus had local tourist spots you could be dropped off at.  This day she decided to ride to TroyBay where she heard there was great snorkeling as well as a place you could rent the equipment from. 


Alisa all geared up with a back pack filled with all necessary items for the day from a beach towel to extra drinking water loaded on to the bus; which was already getting full, as well as hot.  At first she had only standing room and a pole to hold on to until the first stop when many people hopped off.


Arriving at TroyBay Alisa rented her snorkel gear and before you could shake a stick she was in the water snorkeling away seeing all the beautiful fish.  Some people were hand feeding some of the fish with what looked like old bread, and this created schools of fish to enjoy watching with amazing bright colors!  There couldn’t of been a more exciting and delightful site.


There were many people swimming but most had their heads down in this paradise of snorkeling.  Alisa was in the moment totally enjoying herself when all of a sudden crash!   “Her head bumped in to something, wait no not something but someone!” 

At first Alisa was stunned, than seeing she ran into Craig Stanford she was shocked, but before she could react; Alisa started to feel light headed and next thing she knew she was lying on the sand with non other than Craig Stanford himself above her looking very worried. 


As Alisa came to, she could hear Mr. Craig Stanford say “you have to watch where you are going little lady”.


Alisa trying to get her bearings could not believe what she was hearing!  “Lying here and he of all people is saying I have to watch where I am going!” “The nerve!” She thought.


As soon as Alisa could stand she postured herself in a negative way and was just about to give Mr. Craig Stanford a piece of her mind with the old one two, and she was really going to let him have it with some spiteful choice words, until she fainted right into his arms!

How embarrassing.  Yet there was nothing Alisa could do about it.  She was definitely hurt.  An ambulance was called and she and her belongings were taken away to a local hospital.


Mad, embarrassed, and frustrated Alisa lied in the hospital bed feeling very lonely and sorry for herself.

She was told by the doctors she had to stay there two days for recovery and further observation.  “A fine predicament she was in and all because of that Craig Stanford!” 

Alisa finally drifted off to sleep and when she opened her eyes her room was filled with exotic flowers!

Alisa thought “who knows I am here even to send me so many flowers?”  There was no note to indicate who? She thought even harder “There was no one for the hospital to contact seeing I am not a resident of Hawaii?” But before Alisa could think about the flowers and where they were from anymore, she drifted again back to sleep, all the while feeling a presence near her. 

It was like Alisa was awake but could not force her eyes open.

She could have sworn she felt some one holding her hand, but still she could not open her eyes or respond.


Two days had passed and Alisa was still in an unconscious state.  She could hear things around her but still could not open her eyes or respond.  When she did fully drift off to sleep she had very entertaining dreams.


These dreams were surreal, but very vivid all the same.

One of which was of an angel standing by her bedside and oddly enough it looked like Craig Stanford with wings!  Alisa felt herself practically chuckle for real at the thought of Mr. Craig Stanford himself sporting big white wings and a golden halo.


The doctors started to worry it was taking so long for Alisa to come out of this concussion, but finally on the third day she did open her eyes. Amazingly enough above her she saw the most wonderful face smiling at her. 

The face was of Craig Stanford, he had been sitting by her bedside constantly waiting for her to come around.  Not only did Craig feel responsible for the accident, but he also had this care giving affection that started to grow for Alisa.


Alisa being weak and out of sorts had nothing one way or another to say to Craig.  Although she could still imagine feeling his strong body catching her fall from when she fainted.


As time went on Craig never left her side while she was recuperating, and a strong bond seemed to grow between them.


Eventually Alisa was released and fully recuperated from the hospital. Craig drove her home to her condo.  With nothing left to do for Alisa, she thought “this might be the last time I hear from Craig”.

By now Alisa was not aware of her deep feelings for Craig.  Alisa had not a conscious clue she was falling in love with Mr. Craig Stanford.


Alisa had only a few days left now until her vacation was over, so she spent them by the side of the pool still taking it easy.  However Alisa wasn’t her self, she felt like she missed Craig and was disappointed to be alone again and not see him.  Alisa started to realize how fond she had grown of him.

She constantly had an eye out in hopes to get a glimpse some where of him, but he never showed.


Finally it was Alisa’s last night and she decided to make the dinner hour at the resorts’ restaurant.  Once again she sat there alone eating dinner, as the quite voices of other couples echoed in her ear. 

She felt a bit melancholy, and thought she actually was fighting back tears.  Practically talking out-loud to herself Alisa said “Come on girl don’t break down in tears now, not here of all places”.

It wasn’t until a familiar voice behind her said “You better watch out where you are going little lady” that Alisa turned immediately to see Craig there with a big bouquet of red roses for her, and his glorious big smile!

They both chuckled, and than embraced into a very passionate kiss!


In Connecticut was where they tied the knot; and where Mr. and Mrs. Craig Stanford still reside with their four beautiful children.





Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv

CopyRight11/21 /2010@LisaLuvLLC



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    • Lisa Luv profile imageAUTHOR

      Lisa J Warner AKA Lisa Luv 

      8 years ago from Conneticut, USA

      Micky Dee Thank You!

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      Very nice as your usual Dear Lisa!

    • Lisa Luv profile imageAUTHOR

      Lisa J Warner AKA Lisa Luv 

      8 years ago from Conneticut, USA

      Karen Wodke Thank You so much! Blessings!

    • Karen Wodke profile image

      Karen Wodke 

      8 years ago from Midwest

      Great story. I couldn't stop reading!


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