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Updated on May 1, 2017
Kei de juan profile image

Kei is Doctor of Medicine and has trained under the field of Obstetric and Gynecology. She is also a Registered Medical Technologist.

I lifted my head and let the tears fall

Fortitude settled as I started to build my wall

I grasped my fingers to hide my frailty

I held to my heart as I loosen my grip on reality

Its been so long since I felt this weak

I realized my patience had reached its peak

There's no way I could reverse this attitude

I'm slowly finding peace in solitude

I am strong but I am mortal

I feel my soul falling in an endless portal

I see my integrity fall so low

I see comfort in letting go

Feelings know no bounds

In a state of defeat my essence was found

Strength measured through my valiance

Hurt echoing in my silence

Life in these eyes that used to be enchanting

With each bitter reality, it became daunting

To close my eyes optimism I beget

Never crossing my mind the action I will later regret

Poor and tortured to this I am chained

This being desolation finally claimed

To the shadow of my former self, I cried

Please let me rest for at this moment I am tired

I close my eyes to what I see

Entrapped within its confines, my spirit just wants to be free

Unable to feel, season after season

I am trapped within the this emotionless prison

Let me rest for I am beat

Even a hero cannot achieve this feat

I promise as soon as there no more tears left to cry

I surely would spread this gifted wings and fly


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