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Poetry: Tears Will Fall

Updated on October 23, 2014

Tears Will Fall

Thoughts bring demons to my mind

searching for solitude,

to practice their plight

leave me screaming in the darkness

I dread the dawn of night.

Shadows loom across the wall

and disappear without a trace; I curse my sight.

My heart beats, against my breast,

my skin is damp and cold, I cannot see the light

my lungs have no air, I draw with all my strength

a heavy breath; I feel despair wash over me...

searching for my thoughts

I no longer care.

I surrender to the darkness

say a prayer, and finally the demons sleep.

My darkest nightmare

in the silence I hear the softest sound


tears will fall...

* * * * *

Melancholy Sings

Tears well behind closed lids, tears will fall

sorrow in her glory, threatens to call

sadness comes to pay her part

relishing tears she brings

melancholy sings.

There's an ache in my heart

pierced with dread

I survive alone with my tears

and the thoughts within my head.

* * * * *

The Collection


I wonder why

it all went wrong?

I sit alone and muse

searching deep inside my thoughts

finding nothing; no excuse

I shall sit a little longer

think a little more

perhaps with time

I shall know...

for now I sit and ponder

just me

my thoughts


* * * * *


I remember feeling sadness,

deep inside my heart

blackness engulfing,

tearing me apart.

Tears streaming from swollen eyes

stained red cheeks,

patterned cries.

Each drawn breath a burdened sigh

riddled with misery

I can only cry.

* * * * *


Moist jewel... on blushed cheek.

Softly... falling.

Solitary diamond... sparkles.

Perfect... unique.

Emotion... caged.

Sadness... sorrow.

Softy... falling.

A glistening cheek.

* * * * *


Take My Hand

A moment in time

I fell from grace

a whirl wind

taking me to a far off place.

My eyes not mine to look and see

nor my ears belonged to me.

My soul possessed

My spirit weak

and then I heard you softly speak

your eyes found my sight

deep inside a flicker of light

you whispered in my ear

take my hand, I'II help you fight.

* * * * *

Mother Nature's Tears...

Dew Drops...

Crystal dew drops, nestle

jewels of the morning dawn

tears of mother nature

glisten newly spawn.

Liquid diamonds shimmer

warmed by an amber ray

petals dewy sparkle

as dawn gives birth to day.

* * * * *

Bulgarian Poetry

Two as One...

My Heart Loves Your Heart

My heart loves your heart, for ever and a day

beating the same rhythm, perfect in every way.

A harmony so soft and sweet

music to my ears

my heart loves your heart

with each and every beat.

A gentle melody

abounding passion

as moving tides at sea

waves of love wash over me

my heart loves your heart

for all eternity.

* * * * *

© 2010 Gabriel Wilson


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