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more About ZodiacImmortal

Updated on May 2, 2015
Zodiacimmortal profile image

Previously a writer on Squidoo 2008- folded. I write about entertainment, crafts, writing, beauty and anything else that inspires me

Photo finish

The little mermaid (or so what mom called me when I was a kid)
The little mermaid (or so what mom called me when I was a kid) | Source
My first cat Tom I named after my fave cartoon
My first cat Tom I named after my fave cartoon | Source
this is Sully. We got her from Just Strays who rescued her from Sing Sing prison!
this is Sully. We got her from Just Strays who rescued her from Sing Sing prison! | Source

If we live without Passion, maybe we'd know some kind of peace.BUT we would be hollow. Empty rooms, shuttered and dank. Without passion, we'd be truely dead

— -Joss Whedon (btvs)

Selfie on the beach

Campe May,  NJ (Sunset beach?)
Campe May, NJ (Sunset beach?)

Through the Looking Glass

I originally heard about squidoo years back (forget which but 2006 comes to mind) in a local newspaper article. They said something like its the next Wiki only with wiki I've found some mistakes and those who post on it write a humdrum report.

Of the lenses I've read & looked over there are a lot of passionate people here and its so much more interesting to read the lenses than wiki pages.

Another thing I like about squidoo, is everyone is so nice. It's a 'workplace' where everyone gets along! (or so seems)

I get to do something I LOVE which is writing and tell you about my interests or a topic that at some point inspired me to write.

Unlike another site where I did something like this (but they stopped the program) Squidoo at least pays royalties (if you use amazon, ebay & text links) So you get paid even though its not a regular base salary (getting paid wekly or bi-weekly, which would help more even if it were to be every other week) I can at least (maybe) use this on a resume. Also in a way I see it as a 'writer's Training. ANd though wrote this lensography first... I have published a Why I Squidoo Lens and will end up 'repeating' myself.

I have also seen the lenses espcially my Epic Ballad of Poetry Evolve each time I've added to it and such. It evolved not only as a poetry page, but I also had some creative writing information on it as well, which then got its own lens! You learn more as you go, and pick things up here and there. So just when you think you've created a lens that will have minimum maintenance, then you learn something new, guess what time to redo!


What i did before the hub bub

I used to write for and well I was a 'Giant Squid' rank of Mammoth, 10 Purple star awards, and including my Works in Progres, over 200 pages written. Until they got rid of the Program I was also a SquidAngel. What do I usually write about? a variety of things, writing, what I've read, watched, basically Entertainment. Also have written Bios on some actors and bands. Instead of me going on about them.. You have until october to check out what I've written on squidoo my profile ZodiacImmortal on squidoo and all my pages on there.

Zi...By the numbers:
210- number of Lenses I've written & current works in progress as of July 2014
150= promoted' to Mammoth Giant Squid January 2014
100= lenses Milestone hit in summer of 2013! (w/ J.R. Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood. & Mammoth Giant Squid rank reached January 23 2014

75 lenses badge February 11, 2013

50 lenses reached October 2012 I became a GIANT Squid monster rank having 50 lenses.
10=Purple star lenses as of March 2014 . To name a few:

*The first Lens receiving the honor was Pen Pal Introduction and Etiquette, 
*October 2012 Dracula Day 
*Silly Sully
*Terrific Toronto
*The Last to receive honror was  Yasmine Galenorn's Otherworld in January 2014


3- Editor's choice awards for Anthologies my poems have been in
1-Gold Medal for the Reading Olympics (March of Dimes)
1=lenses that have made it (so far) to the home page rotation
0 - Lens of the Day - reagardless of How much work I've put into any of my lenses Or how many weeks lenses were In the top 100 I sadly have not received any

You can see a few of my poems on the first lens I ever made Epic Ballad of Poetry' as well as on my other Hubs & blogs. I am also writing a story or 2 (see unveiling my story).


Adventure Club member May 11, 2013

Pop Culture Club member April 17 2013

Book Club September 24, 2012

Celebrate December 18, 2012

Food Club December 13, 2012

Became a Squid Angel March 22 2013 What was a Squidangel?

We helped out the community, as well were able to 'rate' the pages

This what my criteria was as far as rating lenses and which will now go for Hubpages as well

The main thing I'm looking for is content

*topic information for instance 3-4 text or text with big picture modules

*Youtube or Photo gallery (or both)

*the way links are situated.

-if you have a lens that looks like all links or amazon or other section of the same ilk that does not seem to fit your lens, everything else can be perfect, but this will ruin it.

*Comments- we don't need to see 100 comments try limiting the comments for us to see between 5-20 (5-10 looks the neatest)

*Featured Lenses We do not need to se a list of 50 lenses.. 5-10 are fine and make things less cluttered looking

The End of Squidoo- On August 15, 2014, they announced HubPages acquired Squidoo. By October, Squidoo pages and accounts had been transferred to HubPages, making it the largest site of its kind

I have also started writing on Bubblenews I figure to test out a few sites and see what of the formats i feel most comfortable with, and like the look of best as well.

My USB Powered fan light

Super Bright 2 in 1 Laptop LED Lamp & Fan USB Powered - White (72-059W)
Super Bright 2 in 1 Laptop LED Lamp & Fan USB Powered - White (72-059W)

I got this from my Aunt in Virginia for the 2012 holidays and I was so happy to see it! I don't think I even noticed what the color was I was just happy to see a fan & light in one & its USB powered! Or as I call the gift; The Writer's Work is never done' gift.

You can plug it into your laptop, Coputer or router's USB and the fan works pretty well, I thiunk it was the main reason I was so happy to receive this because there's times during the spring & summer that are not really hot, but in the living room where the desk is, always feels 10-20 degrees warmer than it is outside. I've been using it already & it keeps me cool enough (so far) for a little thing it makes some noise but you eventually get used to it & don't realise its there. The light is bright but compared to the other I had, its much better. It seems more focused to the area of the desk than the 'yellow' light the other one threw (which also got hot) plus was seen in one of the bedrooms so this one is a definate purchase even if you are traveling! The blade of the fan is like vinyl or something & if you should get your hand it doesn't cut you or really hurt. Thoguh everytime I get wacked by it (when turning on the light or turning off the fan) i jump when it gets me. (You know back in the days fans were made with metal and those blades would cut your fingers off or at least REALLY hurt & bruise the bone at least.)

This is a definate A+ item. (even if just workjing at a laptop)


Polling the masses

So What would you say is my Writing Style?

See results

What is my writing style ~

I am curious to know what my readers would say.

While I'd like to think I can vary my writing style, something tells me it does not.

Everyone has their own style of writing some write more like a story teller, others sound more like a news anchor.

So please give a read through some of my Hubs (if you have not already) and let me know what you think.

If you don't mind could you please note what one(s) it was you read.

Mini Me!

5 Minute Bio

Here's a quick summary on me want to know more & see all the zany stuff on me? Then checkout my about me lens!

My name is Kim, I'm a

and I'm from Yonkers, NY lived her all my life. I've always had cats, the first one (Tom) we had was at my Pop Pop's when i was little and chse us by standing near the car's tire like take me home or run me over! All of the cats we've had have had ther own personalities.

My current one Sully, is a very special cat. I call her my familiar (sort of as a joke) as she's a black cat. She's very smart and love Shrimp (we have to spell it out!) in the past when I was a kid I won a fish at the fair so we bought 2 friends for him and I named them Gilligan Skipper & the silver one was professor!

I love watching movies, reading, writing and old fashioned Pen Paling!!!

I've been writing a story on a ghostwriter (not the regular defination of one) as well as a futuristic one as well (well notes for it anyway)

I also write poems and as you will see and read more about me, you will learn that most of what I write my lenses about are topics that are Hobbies, I'm interested in or for some reason at one point just sparked an idea.

Some of my favorites

TV- Oh my there's a lot adn about 5 that You bother me during I'll bite your head off! Being Its Summer I'll say True Blood

Movie- Overall I have to say Jaws as that was the first 'horror' movie I remember seeing This summer's is Avengers

Band- Godsmack

Animal- Cats

Car- Reality a mustang not so much a Lamborgini

Book- I don't think I have one favorite but The first I remember reading is Bunnucula

Pet- Cat (Sully)

Flower- Black Magic Rose or Bat Flower

colors- Red & Purple

See my about me lens for more about me and an 'interview'

Interests & Hobbies

I like to watch movies especially horror and supernatural stuff. To me Movies, tv and books are supposed to be a break from the real world so I really do take that break and get emerced into the story.

Some favorites (in no special order)



*The Lost Boys

When it comes to reading a book though most of the time i am able to, depending on the autor's writing style. There have been a few books I had to stop reading because it was a chore to even read a page or 2. I have

My Favorite Authors & series are:

*Yasmine Galenorn Otherworld series

*J.R. Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood

*Janet Evanovich Stephanie plum series.

As for tv I make my own grid so I can keep track what night and times the shows come on, espeically when the new seasons start. It's a big help esp, when there are multiple shows on one night it helps me to figure out what to watch live, (which is usually whatever channel I get watch the show on demand for free (usually like HBO starz etc movie stations) Otherwise I can watch shows free from network and most if not all of the othe cable channels, though at least some if not most cable stations re-air the shows the same night as well as sometimes during the week. It seems Mondays & Sundays are the killer for me. I think wednsdays are going to be soon as well.

To list my favorite shows well... that's hard. There's varying degrees. All time, by season, all seasons and so on.

My must watch live shows are Walking Dead, Arrow, The Strain, Big Brother (my summer guilty pleasure if I can stand the people, last season in 2013... I stopped watching after I think 2 epsidoes. This year I can't say I love (all) the people but Frankie cracks me up.) Hollywood Game night, Hannibal American Horror Story and there's a few more.

I've always loved being Crafty & I think in my case you can somewhat say the Craftermath (- the the mess you have created after doing crafts) never ends! I don't scrapbook though I do have some stuff in case I want to put a page or so together (which I did for one halloween. it came out cute but I don't think it's my forte. I like upcycling items like tins and boxes to be reused for other things, especial tins. There's a few different things I can do with them so they are a bit easier. I also enjoy making my own jewelry though sadly the craft stores by me do not always have what I am looking for, and online isn't always good as sometimes I have to see the gauge size in front of me to be sure if its the right size.

I also paint a bit, but for fun; I can't even draw well, at least not as well as I'd like (say to draw or paint dragons, portraits etc.) I have a few different journals and quite a few blank ones as well.

Amused Eminem wrote a song called Kim, just not sure if I herd it yet.

Feb 2013 1 of my lenses on Squidoo was Featured

I had to post this, as it was featured on Mom's  birthday
I had to post this, as it was featured on Mom's birthday


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