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Updated on December 1, 2014

Enomine Hermes Trismegistus Part II

Away I flew!

The Greeks, there were two.

As mightily they mastered the steed.

We coursed past the stars,

bellowed some prose.

Grateful gifts had I offered the driver.

They laughed with much mirth,

but mistook my birth.

Tho' slung me to nest.

This sufficed.

The muse of much knowing,

my daemon of showing.

Were carousing and frolicking

To fro'

I knew that this song,

was only so long.

Ergo with bated breath

I retired.

Dark night of the soul;

strings tugged, ripped and pulled,

departing from circles.

Post haste!

With medicine leaving, this drudgery heaving.

For society demanded its toll.

Now paid the price,

for time it was right,

this seers vision demanded relinquishment.

So soon it was plain

As medico della peste came

To poke and to prod with his cane.

With not knowing why,

my eyes turned tword' sky.

And I sang sacred words to the flame.

Thus departed from gremlins,

With want, waning venom.

I spat dragon poison away.

My soul was stripped bare.

Rushing through mazes of air.

mind numbed and dazed,

Soul partly estranged,

I avoided most snares with no sound.

Tho when going got tough,

thought I'd had enough.

Voices whispered "She's coming around."

So I'd let myself die!

Well knowing she'd try,

to pick up the pieces of straw.


Began my descent,

For mine will was hell-bent.

As I journeyed through time unfettered.

To walk round' the witches,

paid no heed to stitches.

For now knowing my nymph would arrive.

Could not guess at form,

if I would have know.

It may have imploded my brain.

Once met a gypsy.

She was rather witty,

tho bared no rune or sign.

And so I walked on.

Took to whistling a song.

As colors, they faded.



Veins devoid of poison.

Thoughts became frozen.

Through many a moon.

Faded sight.

An with much fever!

the draught yet delivered.

These were my dreams.

True and right.

Then came upon, in my distant travels.

Transcribing signs, upon the planes.

Fluctuate, time, space.

Transfigurate, this paradoxal expanse.

As propelled was I;

Through the eye,

of this gaping giant of Firma.


Discombobulated I re-created

my form.

As I touched down...



On a garden.

of orchid and vine.

Purple lilac,



There were speckled dot pansies framing the path.

A great arched canopy,

above tall waves of grass.

Red roses wound up the trunks of great pines.

Aerie mosses hung lazily round great cedar in vines.

The rustle of creatures through this forest serpentined.

Or was it the wind?

Musing, I walked down the path.

With golden sun streaming.

A sweet scent did waft.

Ah! such light!

Contracted my eyes.

against rays of warmth,

a shiver,

went forth.

I through the Garden of Faith

This place

I remember.

But why?

Thoughts shaping slower,

tho clearer and bolder.

My thinking wound tighter.

I laughed!

As I stumbled,

then crumpled.

Mind seemingly hobbled.

Drifting asleep

On the cobble.

Then a start! I awake,

With vines twisting ankles like snakes

Trilliums descend or' my face.

Creepers wrap tight round' my arms.

Into a great willow was drawn.

My body as by some design.

Yet there was no time to wail or pine

As eyes crusted over.

Ears folded closer.

As pollen sprang fresh up my nose.

Lulled into hypnotic repose.

Limbs spread apart tight,

tho i feel.....alright?

As unconscious once again or' me came.

Clip Clop

Stirred awake, but what time?

Clip Clop

Enter centaur to rhyme.

With a feral finger, to face.

My vision was replaced.

As delicately she un-crusted my eyes.

Would have thanked her with rhyme.

But no lines stirred into mind.

No, this filly was not to be mine.

Then she unsung arrow and twine.

An' plucked a soft string,

the dart it did sing!

An' shot into neighboring brook,

just then sighted silver, a hook.

This hook tied to line,

the equine creature did wind.

Loosely about my neck under vine.

The was disconcerting,

Yet she felt reassuring

So I thanked the creature in kind,

For clearing the brine from my eyes.

The pantheon not melding,

she sought after gelding.

As came a distant "neigh"!

She hastened away.

With a gallop a snuffle, cavort.

At last I could see!

Tho stilled bound to tree.

With new found occultation,

attempt to fathom location.

Then sight traced the glimmering fiberiation,

Round bout my neck did it crown.

twas' an appealing earthen brown.

The brown lead to brook,

brook lead to stream,

the stream into ocean.

All the while did it gleam.

Then slowly began to grow taught.

An' quickly my throat did it knot.

With curiosity aroused,

I strained against bows.

As slowly the branches did reel.

A kinship to twine did they feel?

Twigs wound in that thread.

I fretted and said.

"For sooth! This leads straight to leviathan!

And caught in her maw, into mighty jaws.

I may be digested in spite of him!"

The brook it babbled and bubbled and frothed.

An nearer and nearer my fate truly was brought.

The line it rode high! The foam churning to sky,

As into the distance I made out a form.

Down stream and brook,

quickly was bore;

an object of proportions,

Great yet unknown.

Oh what a torrent,

of spray and hisses.

Then the paddling tails of fishes?

With soft stippled breasts,

a team of mermaids drew.

a great giant clam.

To the bank, near a yew.

With ripples and ruffles,

unloaded the mer-fae.

A shelled creature,

from some far off hidden bay

It touched down daintily upon my shore.

And in its mouth, this crustacean bore.

The same fiber!

Held tight in its jaws.

That slacked a bit under my jowls.

An with soft vibration.

The pearled creature,

cracked like the dawn.

Across silted mouth,

rays of golden shown.

Then like a great hot blade.

The starburst did shorn.

Vines from my wrists,

ankles and arms.

As swiftly I plummeted into some ferns.

Violets and raspberry, sweet tho with thorn.

Slowly the scallop, extended its maw,

against soft inner pink,

she ascended or' all.

Oh truly this was Nirvana, Isis, Venus!

Through prickly creepers I clawed just to see this.

Tumbled down or' smooth satin face,

I beheld.

Her curled locks,

Cascaded across smooth neck paraded,

Her skin creamy as milk.

Bright eyes flecked with hazel.

Lips pursed, tongue was cradled.

And oh!

Voluptuous, timid were the rounds of her breasts.

An' her hair over came them, as a humble vest.

Drawn down to such hips of which will surely be fables.

When slowly,

the goddess,

descended her throne.

And like the sylph,

was wistfully bore.

Across poppies and posies.

or' to my home.

This Madonna of moon,

nymph of mossy loam.

My sacred lover!

For' near me she hovered.

As softly un furrowed my ear,

a tear came into eye.

For in knowing her I knew I.

Startled a sigh.

Lo' proudly, I stood.

And extended my hand.

Flew my fire to her ice,

glass formed out of sand.

The plants that entrapped me,

now formed my cloak.

Mist shrouded her body.

Beauty, awoke.

I was crowned with the sun,

and her with the moon.

In this perfection of creation.

My heart, it did swoon.

And finally we embraced in that grotto.

As truth begotten, my riddle and motto.

I knew that this, was the rune of Loki.

The sign of Osiris,

The holy of holies.

For it was both sign and time.

Seen such a vision through sacred wine.

An' with wicker hands,

placed about clouded thighs.

the daughter of Venus summoned the tides.

As flowed from her mouth,

the most perfect prose!

That descended around me,

like peals of rose.

Her scent was of lilac,

her voice like a river.

An indulgence of senses,

perfection delivered.

Ah! a moment.

Of silent repose.

My ends realized,

the story, unfold.

My memory tied,

like her hair round' my neck.

No reason to fret,

or be further vexed.

As hands slowly knitted,

together with fever.

The nymph of sea,

Softly I led her.

Down cobbled garden trails,

we floated forever.

An' with one moment,

eternity en-framed.

Ignited my heart,

when she spoke my true name.


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