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Acrostic of Flowers

Updated on February 20, 2017


Fool on a hill and
Loving you
On a grass of my
White house
Every day and every second I want to cut a
Rose of your heart


At the end of your soul there are
Zeal and passion
At the end of your heart there are
Love and tenderness and
Every branch of
Azalea smell like you


Cheek to cheek
And kiss to kiss
Meaning sensual of the
End of the innocence and I
Like to feel as
Lost in love
Inside of our life and you are
Always on my mind


Day after day
Alone on the street
Imagine my words like the
Sand in your hands every
Year of your life


Together and forever, I want to walk with you
Under the rain and
Learn all about your intimate secrets
In the eternal flame of love and I desire to
Put my soul in your heart


Glory and Love
Around of this
Ring that I gift you and
Daily I promise that
Every second I am going to respect you and
Never I gonna give up against all odds and
Inside of my soul you
Are all my inspiration


Join your hands with me and take
Away all the
Sad things and all my
Madness forever
Ignore you all bad people
Near of your soul and
Enjoy this beautiful life with me


Only a
In your eyes the
Darts of love


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