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Action is the enemy of thought

Updated on July 1, 2012

What are your thoughts telling you

Most of the time our thoughts are experiences from the past good or bad but they always come up as mind pictures or movies. Have you ever had a thought that seemed like a bad movie playing over and over again in your head, like a divorce that went wrong, a conversation with a friend that was happy, sad or indifferent. Everything we go through in life plays in our head a weird times like a movie and sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not so good.

Have you ever wondered why we stay on the negative thoughts instead of maintaining positive thoughts? Sometimes it's our environment or how we were brought up. My mom was an abused child in her country, she was treated as a slave at a very young age and abandoned by her mother when her dad died. She always felt that she as no good and was not worthy to be happy, so she instilled that in both me and my sister. My sister being the rebellious person that she is always did things her way, so when she became of age she left and during that time she was in bad relationship after bad relationship. She hated our mother because she felt it was mom's fault. But in a way it was and in a way it was not. It was my moms fault because that is what she was taught so she passed it down the line, however, as we grow older it is our responsibility to separate fact from fiction. My sister is in a better relationship now that she has changed the way she was thinking. But my mom is still the same.

At one time in our lives our parents said you should always say "Yes ma'am/sir or No ma'am/sir" but I have found that people from the west and north don't care about that they thing it makes them feel old when back in the day it was a way to show respect. Before it was kind to hold the door open for people but I have found that some feel I got here first so you find your own way in. The thoughts of others sometimes reflects in their actions. If you receive a gift on some special occasion from someone you love then you in turn will do the same however if you receive a gift from a stranger you may not accept the gift or you may not give a gift in return because you do not know that person. It's all on how you perceive the gesture. Here again your thoughts.

Can your thoughts make you sick?

There was a show on TV called "I can make you thin" basically this was a hypnotherapist that used mind images and a technique called EFT to change your thoughts about certain foods. One of his techniques was to think about a food you love, see that food in from of you and keep tapping on your left side of your head, then imagine the most disgusting things in your food, then imagine taking a bite and feeling it in your mouth, I have to tell you since then I can not eat spaghetti and that is my favorite food in the world well was thanks to him. The think he used was thought. Your thoughts process information faster than a computer and you can recall it in a instant if you are triggered by something. Like sometimes if you smell fresh bread you may remember your grandmother baking fresh biscuits in the morning or you smell honeysuckles (which are my favorite) and you know spring has sprung.

But if you notice it's the thoughts that have feelings attached to them that have the greatest affect on us. Those thoughts can help you have a great and wonderful inspiring day or drown you in sorrow. The pictures that come up in your head for each thought can make you or break you. Have you ever were given an address where you had to be on a certain day at a certain time and you knew all the different ways to get to that address because you were so familiar with the area. You know that if there is traffic that you can take another road to get there faster or safer. That's because in your beautiful mind there are these wonderful files of information some good some bad. You can access those files whenever you need them or whenever there is something that reminds you of them.

I know if I smell a certain cologne it reminds me of my husband or if I smell "old spice" that's what I use to buy my Dad every year and the smell reminds me of him. There are bad things that come up when I see the Jackson Five Dream movie or a white Nissan Maxima model especially. That doesn't mean I don't like Nissan's it's just that certain car reminds me of the person who raped me when I was 19 and it brings back bad memories. All these memories that have feelings attached to them can bring you joy or pain it depends upon you.

I remember a psychiatrist asked me how do I deal with so much tragedy that happened to me in my life. I told her I finish my story as though I am the victor and not the victim. Basically, here is the recipe to getting over bad thoughts or even bad dreams, when you find yourself having one of those bad thoughts, change the story by saying when he grabbed me I hit him in the face, kicked him in between the legs and poked him in the eyes, envision yourself acting as if you were doing that to that person or thing that was trying to hurt you. Close your eyes and finish your dream or thought in a positive way. When I use to think about how big I was or how much weight I've gained I always think of how I am healthier than I was before and how I can climb stairs faster and without losing my breath. I imagine my body smaller and healthier and I feel great and I start dancing and singing. Your feelings can help you change your thoughts, your thoughts will change your actions and you will feel and be better than you were.

This is not an overnight project, this is an on going project. You have been fed all these negative things that affects your emotions for quite some time you have to continue to play these games with your mind until they are overridden with the positive information that you have added. Now when I see a Nissan Maxima White 1989 it doesn't bother me at all, now when I see the Jackson Five movie it doesn't bring me to tears. The day I was raped that movie was playing on the TV and he drove a white Nissan Maxima 1989. Now I am a victor. Everything will change in its own time but you have to want them to change. Believe me when you start finishing your dreams good or bad to where you are the winner and you put your emotions behind it and make it real it has no choice but to become that in which you make it. Your thoughts can make you well just by how you feel about them. Change your feelings and your whole world will be grand and marvelous as you wish it to be. Just remember it takes time. Be patient.

Your Thoughts a Precious

Your thoughts belong to you, they are precious memories of things you have experienced or witnessed. I think of my 3 children all the time. My 3 children died before they were born, all 3 were miscarriages. My last daughter would have been born but my ex at the time he was my husband pushed me down the stairs and I lost that child due to his thoughts. After having a total hysterectomy due to cancer I can not have children so I don't have any babies of my own but I married a wonderful man that has 4 grown children and in my heart they belong to me. But my children all have names and my children are in my thoughts. I keep them with me in my heart. They are mine. Someone told me one time why do you keep torturing yourself about it their gone just deal with it and move on. Everyone handles their situation differently. My children may not be here with me but the memory of them stays with me. I will always love them no matter what. Other people don't know how to handle their own issues and when it comes down to being understanding all they can say is get over it and move on. But they fail to realize some thoughts give you comfort, thinking about my 3 beautiful babies that I never got a chance to see their faces or hear their giggles sometimes helps me because I know one day I may be blessed to see them again and really be their mother. I look forward to that, it gives me hope. Some people may think I am crazy but I don't care it gives me hope.

Your thoughts are yours. No one can take them away until you let them. If you believe the color red is evil then that is your thought no one can change it unless you let them. I don't know how I can stress any more than I have to. Don't let other's create your reality by giving you their opinion on how your life should be or what you should do about a situation, you have to live with the outcome they don't. Take charge of your thoughts don't let them take charge of you. Your thoughts are like treasures some are on the surface where other's are deep and you have to dig to get to them but they belong to you. I guarantee you if you ask anyone that has experienced the same exact situation you will here 2 different stories. You can only see it from your perspective. You can listen to someone else about theirs but if you try to change their thoughts it no longer becomes theirs but your thoughts.

Take charge of what you put into your mind. Think about what you are reading if it is negative do away with it, if it is positive keep it with you at all times. Do not be lead by a whim. Don't let others opinions sway you on important matters this can affect you down the road make sure you know why you want to do it and don't let anyone make that decision for you. Keep your focus on your aspirations and don't let any mind virus's or negative head noise cause you to get off the road leading you to your goal. You can do anything you set your mind to. Don't have any doubt or worry if it belongs to you it will come true. Have faith.

Take care of your thoughts and your world will change into something magnificent.


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