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Adam and Eve not Steve

Updated on February 1, 2016

Always try to hear the other side of the story before you judge. You began criticizing his action without a second thought simply because you know Mr Doe. Yes, i know that you've known him for a very long time but that does't justify the condemnation from you to Ben. After all, you don't even know anything about him.

Before you point fingers, make sure that your hands are clean because while pointing with just one finger, three of your own very fingers are pointing right back at you so when you saw him bleeding and he told you that Ben broke his skull with a bottle of beer then stabbed him on his butt, you of all people would have known that there is no smoke without fire.

He didn't tell you what he did and you never cared to ask him because it was Ben at the other side of the story but i don't care because i know that if you were in his shoes, you would have done worst than what he did, you would have broken the bottle on Doe's head and gotten his skull scattered worst than Ben then stab him on the neck but Ben chose his butt and he did it for a reason; SO THAT DOE WILL LIVE TO SAY WHAT HE DID.

How dare you propose such evil to him?
How dare you Mr Doe?

First you began with disturbing text messages and when he tried to make it clear to you that he isn't part of that world, you didn't listen. Instead you went as far as sending him unsolicited gifts which he always turned down then you walked into the club, saw him drinking, he never invited you and you know that he was avoiding you but all you could do was to grab him and kiss him.

A fellow man.

God forbid.

Now (Judge) you see why he didn't think twice when he picked up the bottle of beer and why he didn't hesitate to land it on his head and why he stabbed him as he tried to run.

What would you have done if you were in Ben's shoes?

Judge him not because he made it clear to him that Adam and Eve he created them not Adam and Steve but he wouldn't listen because he was possessed by demon.


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