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Advantages of Writing More

Updated on December 26, 2013

The more you write, the more you enjoy writing. You can start gradually by writing bit by bit and on regular bases till you gain velocity or till the writing process becomes a sort of culture and part of your daily life. You will then find yourself writing more than you think you can or constantly developing new ideas. You will discover more and new ideas that you never thought of- if you like -ideas that have never even crossed your mind before. The more you develop and discover new ideas when writing, the more you get to enjoy your work as a writer. It makes you happy and confident - that is why you can be more productive if you write original contents or you develop ideas spontaneously from your mind or from your thoughts and experiences.

Writing original contents helps to develop and discover new ideas on your own. This also continues to improve your fluency and therefore gives you joy in writing as well as give you confidence to publish more.

You can also count on time and experience to gain more words and ideas to write about. The more you write the more you gain experience. And the more your experience advances, the more you ideas you get to write about. Choosing the appropriate or suitable time to write can also be very helpful in your writing. I personally prefer to write at dawn. I get to have a very quiet atmosphere and get the chance to contemplate well on my ideas. I tend to write more during dawn and noticed that is the appropriate time for me. Find the appropriate time that works for you personally and you would be able to churn out more ideas and words than you expected.

The experience and knowledge or ideas gained from previous contents will help to influence your subsequent works and ideas. Anything you write, whether you publish or not adds to your experience in writing. You tend to build your experience based on previous works and advance more. The more experience you are able to have the more this influences your diction or most specifically technical words and ideas. Without much experience you would have less to write about. You might then be tempted to plagiarize. Keep improving your writing skills by simply writing. Keep writing and develop new patterns of ideas that you can use to support your subsequent contents. The more you write the more it improves your fluency and the more writing subsequent articles become easier to write. The more articles you therefore get to conceptualize. The more you write, the more you become an expert. Professionals are professionals because they write a lot and thereby have gained much experience from that. The experience they have gained in writing has made writing easier for them. In simple words, the more you write the more writing becomes easy for you. Professional writers can write just about anything once they have the skills to convert their ideas or thoughts into words. Continuous writing has connected their thinking skills to their writing skills so they can readily churn out ideas in written format just as they think of it or as they think. To professional writers, writing is just a thinking process. They have, through continuous writing been able to develop a new way of thinking which puts their thoughts into physical format that another person can interpret to deduce ideas.

It's important to also write about stuff or topics that interest you or which you know much about .When you write about topics that you have much knowledge and experience of you can really express your ideas very well to the satisfaction of your readers. You will have enough vocabularies or technical words to express your ideas relating to the topic intelligently.

Publishing your works often is also very helpful. When you publish your works often, you get to contribute or give back to the society. Experiencing the joy of giving the society or impacting the society with your skill brings you much confidence and the joy to give more. As you publish often, you get more encouragement and confidence to write more as comments, compliments and suggestions from your target readers to your articles inspires more words and ideas. You get draw ideas from these comments from your readers and other article writers on the article directory. The appreciation shown by the target readers, even they disagreeing with some of your ideas open your mind. You become aware of your reader’s taste and with feelings of the need to provide for them or satisfy their curiosity you can get more ideas to write about. [[Advantages of Publishing your works]]

Knowing your readers can always help you to write more because you get to know what exactly they want to read and how exactly they want those ideas expressed or discussed. You become aware of their taste and this gives a clear idea of the things to discuss or to write about. Sometimes you may find it difficult to write when you do not know or have any target readers. Being unsure of your target readers or having no exact target readers in mind can get you confused in churning out ideas. You may make a lot of changes to your content that you do not get to finish your work or even publish. Because you are not aware of the particular target group you are writing for, you are not sure if what you have written would suit them or not. You may have difficulties with finding the appropriate diction or exact keywords that would meet the reading levels of your target audience. The endless cycle that you find yourself in – continuously editing your content –doesn’t mean that your content is not good enough, but because you are not sure of your target readers you can’t really tell if a particular sentence expresses your thoughts well the way you want it to be understood.

Having joy and confidence in what you do (as a writer) can even prevent the writer's block. It inspires more words and ideas .You may even find yourself unable to stop writing-as you keep discovering new ideas even when you talk to people. You find ideas all around when you love what you do. You also get to write more because you never get tired or bored with writing. When you find writing uninteresting, taking writing as a profession won’t favor you much. You will not be able to come up with so many ideas or even the words to write or express yourself. When you love what you do, you love to socialize or meet people who share your views as well. Through writing therefore you can get to connect with people who share similar views or also have knowledge and experience in the topic that you write about. And by sharing your experience, you will not only improve your skill of writing but also gain more ideas and words to write.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.

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