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Aliens Love Only Beautiful Women

Updated on May 30, 2013

Aliens from all sorts of worlds in outer space and other universes like human women. They like them sexy and slim, not ugly or overweight. It is a curious phenomenon through the history of this dilemma. There is no reason why they would not also like women who are fat, as there is more of them to enjoy. It must be a "beauty and the beast" syndrome with aliens from a far off galaxy. They always prefer women, beautiful women, over sexy guys also. Does this mean there are no gay homosexual aliens? Surely, there must be because for the longest time, humans thought otherwise also, and now have been proven wrong. Why would a creature with grotesque features by human standards not want one of similar ilk?

We have yet to have a picture of one embracing either one of the same gender or man or a woman who is not beautiful and slender. With all the technology around today, one would think we might have ONE picture showing that aliens are, indeed, diverse in their procreation selection prey as they carry or drag them to their sanctuary.

The other astonishing thing about aliens who encounter humans is that, they seem to only encounter white women. Does this mean white women are attracted or mesmerized by their presence and brown, black and yellow are able to deflect aliens? Or, does it mean, aliens, like humans, are racist also, or can be. I wonder if an alien from Andromeda who encounters a Martian would be happy, or would they travel the extra miles to Earth for a hot white woman? Has an alien ever had a non-white woman? Maybe they are color blind.

The other thing is that like many men on Earth, aliens, from nearly all parts of the galaxy seem to prefer blond hair on their female victims. I am sure some like brunettes also, but again, blondes seem to provide more fun even though I am not sure they know why. Maybe, to them, it is sort of heavenly like the sun? Maybe there is a link, some DNA, that connects alien beings with human males on Earth. There must be because the only evidence we have so far about alien preferences have been that, aliens love beautiful women, just look at all the covers to books and magazines over the decades.

That is the proof!


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 4 years ago

      More food!

    • profile image

      Bob 4 years ago

      Why would the aliens want a porker.