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Amazon Warrior and Goblin Puk

Updated on February 10, 2009

Two characters in Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream are very interesting, one is Hyppolyta, who married the Duke of Athen at the end of the play.

Hyppolyta was the queen of a tribe of female warriors called the Amazons. We may all know Amazon is an online bookseller website,  but it's not so widely known that Amazon is a kind of female warrior in ancient Greek myths.  According to ancient stories, the Duke Theseus went to war with the amazons and after he had defeated them in battle he fell in love with teir queen.

Although this has never been proved even in the myths, but it has been widely believed that Amazon warriors cut their right breasts off to make shooting a bow and arrow easier.

But It seemed that this horrible practice might not applied to their queen, I wonder how could a woman won the love of the Duke of Athens with only one breast?

In the same play, another interesting character is the servant fairy Puk. He is a different kind of fairy from fairy King and Queen Oberon and Titania. Although he plays the part of Oberon’s servant and messenger, he is more like the goblins that appeared n fairy stories. In the play he also called Robin Goodfellow and Hobgoblin and this character was a mischievous fellow, well known in many fairy tales for the pranks he played.

Puk plays jokes on ordinary village folk. Sometimes he upsets the dairymaids by skimming the cream from the milk or by getting in the dairy churn so that they cannot turn the cream into butter. On other occasions, he spoils beer which is being brewed, just for fun. another favorite trick is to transform himself into a crabapple hidden inside a jug of ale. Then when an old grandmother sips the ale, he bobs against her lips so that she spills it. His best ‘joke’, however, is to whip away a stool from an old lady as she is talking so that when she falls flat on the floor, everybody laughs.

Amazon Warrior
Amazon Warrior


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