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An Esoteric Analysis of Manatita’s Poem “I Am so Glad, My Love” - Part 1

Updated on August 17, 2019
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Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


He who seeks Love travels to the Light. He who writes about Love and praises it becomes the Bearer of Light, he becomes The Lantern Carrier.

— Sean Dragon

Myriads in One

A poet does not write a poem every time, but thousands at a time. Each poem is at the same time, so many different poems as the readers that will read it. The same applies to a painting, a song and every work of art. This is the magic and the divine origin of art. There are many in One! By reading the poem, each reader creates his own images, feels his own feelings, understands his own meanings and gains his own knowledge.

As knowledge grows and deepens through the study, but primarily through meditation on the stimuli created by the poem or any other work of art, spiritual gains are becoming more and more important, as inner progress is accelerated.

For this reason, studying the same text after a long time can help us understand more and more important things that we did not realize the first time. So, I believe that at this moment, it does not matter whether I will be able to reveal to you the whole depth of this poem with this analysis, for it is certain that I cannot. But it will be a beginning, through my approach, with the hope of helping you to begin your own spiritual journey into the wonderful world of Knowledge that hides this poem.

Truth Wants to Be Revealed

Truth wants to be revealed. True, it is covered, but this veil is to encourage struggle, in order to reap the fruits of this diamond. This is the only way to really appreciate it, as we do not usually cherish or appreciate enough, that which is given to us without diligence. Nevertheless, Truth wishes to come to the Light. So if we put Love in our efforts, we will be able to see the hidden miracles that exist everywhere around us.

Remember that Love is the best assistant and never tells lies! This will be my assistant in this endeavor. With Love, I will approach this poem. Love, and gratitude for its gifts, and because of this, I know with humility, that I will do the best I can do so that we will discover together, at least a part of the inner and spiritual wealth of this poem.

Let's start this journey by letting the poet Manatita tell us his truth:


I Am so Glad, My Love

“I’m so glad, my Love, so glad

That even my shadows, have felt

The sweet tenderness of Your gaze.

I am so glad, my Love, so glad

That You sweeten the pangs of my adversity.

I’m so glad, my Love, so glad

That one tender kiss from You,

Can cover a million sorrows.

I’m so glad, my Love, so glad

That while I was so eloquent in speech,

There was a lot to be desired in harmony;

You carved and molded me well.

I’m so glad, my Love, so glad

That you placed roses on my Spirit

And not thorns on my soul.”

“My sweet child, O my crushed angel,

Into the depths of the abyss I came

And shared your distress.

For I need the joy of a Lover’s longing,

To rush through your pores.

My sweet child, o my crushed angel, come,

For I have a thousand stories to tell you.

I want you to smile; to transmit

The beauty of the Heart,

To the dark night of the Soul.

Here, open up thyself, let me stab you

With the arrow of the New Jerusalem,

Flooding your core with My resplendence;

Emanating fireflies;

Dancing in the moonlit beauty of twinkling stars.

The Canvas

Admiration, tranquility, beauty, hope, tears of joy, tears of apology, Light, the embrace of my Father as I return home after my Odyssey, a sweet fragrance of a rose from my Paradise, more Light, smile, Love that embraces me from everywhere, but also Love that springs from within me, an infinite Love that enables me to be able to become one with everything. These are some of the words, feelings, and images that flood me as I read this poem!

Let's start with the canvas on which these words have been "embroidered." It is the call of the human to Love which is his Creator, his Source, and his Power. It is the confession of his Soul and the statement that he begins to see the Truth and returns to Love again. The manifestation of heavenly joy that he feels because he can talk again about this Love as he leaves behind the fear and ignorance that kept him away from it.

The wonderful verse:

“I’m so glad, my Love, so glad”,

which is repeated throughout the first stanza creates this canvas. The power of the two words "My Love," which leads, by definition, the mind to the words that a lover tells to his or her companion, have precisely that purpose, to show the Divine Eros of the human spirit to God!

There is a technical detail that will help us to understand it and that is the capital letter of the word Love. In every word that this detail is repeated without a grammatical need (such as the beginning of a sentence) states that the word refers to the Divine.

Here, therefore, Love represents much more than the use of this word in our daily life and what we are accustomed to attributing to this word. Many times our selfishness misleads us, and we use this word to describe or refer to things that Love is not. Love is not emotion, is not passion, it has no selfishness, it is not hurting, it is not punishing, it is not demanding rewards, it cannot be on the scales of comparing more and less.

Sri Chinmoy Describes Divine Love

Love only heals. Love is always the same. Eternal and indestructible, perfect from the beginning to the end of the Time. Love is the Creator of All, the Big Embrace, the beginning and the end, and is the Path as well. Love is the Light. Love is God in action.

The spiritual man, who, through the action of Love, once again recognizes his Divine origin, declares his Divine Love with these words and tries to explain why he is now so glad.

The Shadows

“...That even my shadows, have felt

The sweet tenderness of Your gaze.”

The shadow is created by us, by our pieces that are hidden from the Light. As long as we live at a distance from the Light, there will always be shadowed parts of ours. It will be our selfishness, our fears, the mistakes we have not forgiven. It is all that tortures us and steals our days or even years of happiness. They are the causes of our adversities, of our sorrow and of our misery.


But when we let Love fill our lives, then we live in the Light, and that surrounds us from everywhere! There can no longer be shadows. That is what this verse means. Light is the gaze of Love. But I want you to watch its immense power! The shadows will not be destroyed; they will not be punished! No! They will feel the sweet affection of the gaze of Love! And in this affection, they will also become Light! As we said, Love does not punish, does not destroy, Love can only heal! What wonderful verses!


We Just Started!

I think so far you have realized that we are going to have an incredible spiritual journey through this poem. Hold your breath because we just started! In the second part of this analysis, we will complete the first stanza, which, as you will see, is a great prayer of the human soul to God's Love!

To be continued... (Link to part 2)

Life is nothing but the expansion of love. We can cultivate divine love by entering into the Source. The Source is God, who is all Love.

— Sri Chinmoy

The Book

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier: An Esoteric Journey to Spiritual Philosophy
Manatita, The Lantern Carrier: An Esoteric Journey to Spiritual Philosophy
This is an excerpt from my book "Manatita, The Lantern Carrier". A book dedicated to all the seekers of the Light which I am sure that it will lift you up!

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis


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