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An Open Letter to All Frustrated Writers

Updated on May 23, 2017

Dear frustrated writers (a.k.a. Future Writers),

We have the same feeling when it comes to writing.

The feeling of not being able to have the guts or confidence to publish anything.

The feeling of having broken English since your first language is not English.

The feeling, that if you publish something people might judge you for whatever opinion you have.

Copyright:photo taken by the author.
Copyright:photo taken by the author.

Advice on your self-esteem:

First, never be afraid to voice out your opinions. Always remember you control your own life, it's your story.

Second, everyone is entitled to write. We all know that everyone is not perfect but we can be perfect in our own little way. The way we imagine our stories' outcome or how we put it in word for our readers to imagine.

Third, Let your imagination fly, be creative, and think outside the box. I know it sound so easy but it is hard to do. (Trust me, everything is hard. Let happiness carry it.) You might never know there are somethings that you are capable of doing.

Lastly, Always be positive. There will always be a people who will like what you published you just got to show what you got.

Copyright: Photos taken by the Author
Copyright: Photos taken by the Author

Advice on your judgers:

Never let them affect you, negatively. What I'm saying is let their opinions become your ideas. Be open of what they are going to say to you (they are your readers as well). Make it as your source of ideas enhance your stories with their comments about your writing.

If ever it affects you negatively, don't mind them. Reality check, this is how life works. There will always be people like that. Embrace everything and be open to all judgements always remember they won't have opinions about your work if they haven't read your work (ha!) Thank them for reading it and taking time to give thier opinions about your work.

We accept the fact that you are a person, you make mistakes and everybody does.

Copyright: photo taken by the Author
Copyright: photo taken by the Author

Advice to yourself:

Just write.

Those words are very important, always remember your journey as a writer begins when you want to. Remember to fill your writings with emotions for readers to enjoy. That way you as well are happy.

Write about everything, write about what you are feeling, write about what you are doing, write your own story, write about your life, and just don't forget the reason why you are writing.

I want you to take that pen like an artist taking the paintbrush or a basketball player taking a ball in his hand. I want you to embrace the pen and treat it like your other half.

The feeling in which every word creates a sentence and the sentence creates phrases. And each phrases touches the hearts of every reader. Letting them feel happiness, sadness, joy, anger, and other kinds of feelings that you feel when you write.

Start Now!

What are you waiting for? Grab that pen and write a world full of colors and life.

© 2017 The Black Sparrow


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