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And I Replied

Updated on March 22, 2015

A friend once asked me for God’s contact number..

I replied:

“Just think about Love; not a person but the feeling; and then say whatever you wish for, and then shall he speak to you.”

And then he asked of Love..

I replied:

“Upon the dawn, look at the mother who wakes up with the thought of how is her infant, and then finds the new way to make it smile today.”

And then he asked of Satisfaction..

I replied:

“At the dusk, watch the farmer return to his hut, awaiting the piece of bread but to feed the first to his young and being contented even if it was the last, for he knows of the feelings that satisfy his mind when the stomachs of his loved ones are full.”

And then he asked me of the Way to Work.

I replied:

“I know of a man who works for his good, and know of a man who works but for others, and then there is one more who works for them both. The first one, for his good may corrupt the system; the Second, for others’ good has corrupted; and the Third, is fighting the rest to regain the balance and discipline for all and himself.”

Which one moved you?

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