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Poem: Anger like a monster.

Updated on August 29, 2013


Emotional-anger, hate and feeling of pain at that time, after divorced, this poem was written. It helped my healing process. When you read this poem, see if you could feel "the anger" I felt? I was out of control and on the edge - to kill, but God - stopped me.


Anger like a Monster is from the heart, did you experienced my pain?

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Anger like a monster.

Blood rushes like a train
Anger like a monster
Colour fades as it rages
Slow motion frame by frame.

Unimaginable pain shoots through my being
Before me stood the source?
So frail so thin, could this be
A lifetime's anger accumulates on her.

White and black is all I see
Feel so numb so uncontrolled
It came from deep inside
It filled from the bottom to the brim.

Once loved so deep now hated intense
The deepest secrets now a weapon
Intimacy now a pain so unbearable
Reality faded as the pressure builds.

Faster and faster it came
Exploded into the brain
Sickened to the core
The monster surfaced to score.

So beautifull, wonderfull, soft and gentle
She is made, the mother of my child, all perfect
So it seems, deceitful and sly, Wolf in sheepskins
Before she goes out and plays, destruction in her way.

The pain stabs at my heart
Ripping and tearing at my love
Destruction is its way, followed by agony
No one can bear this pain.

Begging and tears flowing, she stood
Knees so cold, towering above ready to strike
Knuckles so white, ready to rip into her flesh
Muscles tense to breaking point, "O" the pain.

Rage flows out of control
It must be stopped, it must be stopped
Stop this pain! I groaned
The rattling starts, I want to die!

I moved to kill but suddenly freeze
Inches from her face, I couldn't move
The train rattling and boiling with unknown rage
Ready to kill, sizzling in its fumes.

Then a soft familiar voice spoke to the rage
Be quiet and let him be, no killing here today
Forgiveness is the way and then I see
Him on the cross to pave my way.

The pain softens as I give way
To the perfect one and His way
Forgiveness comes as I grow to love
A new one He gave me, in her place.

Her love made me new again
Made a way for the pain to go
Rage gives way as we seek Thee
Bonded together as three.

How to manage anger?


Anger is an emotion related to one's psychological interpretation of having been offended, wronged, or denied and a tendency to react through retaliation.

Sheila Videbeck describes anger as a normal emotion that involves a strong uncomfortable and emotional response to a perceived provocation.

Raymond Novaco of UC Irvine, who since 1975 has published a plethora of literature on the subject, stratified anger into three modalities: cognitive (appraisals), somatic-affective (tension and agitations), and behavioral (withdrawal and antagonism).

William DeFoore, an anger-management writer, described anger as a pressure cooker: we can only apply pressure against our anger for a certain amount of time until it explodes.

© 2011 Louis Fourie


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    • louisxfourie profile image

      Louis Fourie 6 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      Emotional-anger, hate and feeling of pain at that time, this poem was written. It brings healing when I read this poem, I was out of control and on the edge to kill, but God. THANKS FOR LOOKING IN.

    • profile image

      SparrowMinistries 6 years ago

      It's hard to comment...this message is so intense. Thank you for sharing. Although it is not my experience I know it is the experience for many...except for the part where they stop and give way to the Savior. Not many do that. God bless you. I hope this message reaches many who need it.