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Anti Joy 222

Updated on June 19, 2012


Meeting you was a sweet encounter, you came into the bus and looked smart and cute, i knew that you must be an Angel but never knew that we will cross part this way,I kept wondering who you are,where you will stop and if i will ever see you again.

I got down and you got down same place,walking to the same location proved to me that we were meant to meet,i have heard about you when you told me your name.O is it you, please be careful for there are many lions on goat's skin.

I gave you my number and promised to be there for you,this i kept and never broke,we had a law and i kept it for four months,until you saw it ripe then you decided to ring the bell for me, i told you that i was different and ever since i began keeping friends,i have never been the course for any fall out.

I felt your pain more than you can imagine because sailing all this way was no child's play.I could imagine all you passed through and if you were my Mother's,believe me.I will burn in hell to keep you safe.

My trust i gave you and had no secret for you,told you everything a friend suppose to know and never wanted more than i could give you,we had joy and i thought it will last though not forever,but i always long to meet you again even if we eventually part.

Your dream became my dream,i dream for you more than you do for yourself,i gave you all my all to make you happy though i do not in anyway doubt your true affection but what led to this betrayal was something natural.It looks like the mark of the beast but not 666.

It is 222.

The bus to peak


If you need a hand

I told you that i will always give you a hand no matter how hard it seem and i kept it,each time i look at you and remember that you sailed the Neil seeking for greener pasture,i feel the pain and wonder why such a chappy like you has to face this battle.

I had two swords and one amour but i gave you my amour and remained with the swords.Do you think that i was a fool? No i am not because if you were my mother's, honestly; i will burn in hell to keep you safe.

I didn't care what people said, to me, your actions will be the better Judge and i blocked my ears and closed my eyes, though i must be honest that nothing you did was bad in my sight,i didn't see no wrong in you.

If i had been warned by a prophet and had it reveal to me in my dreams,i will never believe that you of all people will be so cruel to this tender heart that dreamed for you,dreamed with you and wished you more than success.

Remember,you must have received so many phone calls but this one right now is different,what i don't offer you,no one will because i am a man and i know them, i know the dogs and i know the lions.

I tried to keep you safe but you got distracted because he drives a Toyota.But what i am proposing to you is not about today but what you will still reap tomorrow,you see if love is true then why fight over it?

It was a mark like that of the beast 222.It is an Anti Joy which feeds on horn.


Preacher man

Why didn't i see that the preacher man is lying?I heard it but never believed it,you can't eat your cake and have it back that was why i allowed you the space to continue fooling yourself in the name of being clever.

I know that from all indications that you under estimate me,perhaps it is familiarity or maybe because i love you so much but do not think that you can trow it all away just like that,i have been there and i know how to pay back every dime owed.

Playing with the phone was uncalled for so i became suspicious of every move you made, you know dear, you are beautiful and i love you so much.I said it to keep you on the track because i saw it in your eyes.

You were no longer the friend i know

You have changed but you can't hide

I knew where you were heading

But if I had listened to all true voices

I would have had a better chance to hold my tears

It read, you are treating me this way because i am a foreigner,i want my money for the shit we did.

What did you do i asked?

That Rastaman was suppose to be your boss but you broke the fourth amendment after eleven months,this was the cause of the first hang over.The pains was too much for my good heart but how can i cry for a love unknown?

If you want to go,i know that i promised you from day one that it is a free world and you can easily walk out whenever it please you, but i didn't mean that you have to do it with pains.

Go in peace with a sealed kiss on the forehead.

It is my nature, i do not count wrongs.

It is the sigh of the mark, the Anti Joy 222

What a world

Well groomed
Well groomed

Must you

You don't have to date a thousand men to be a super star, you are too cute to be this rude,must you be a prostitute to prosper,i know how hard life seem but we would have excelled together if you were not a cheat.

Must you have to sell your body

Must you have to mess around

Must you have to hide and seek

Must you off your phone when not alone

Must you be so cheap for all that come around

You messed up every where you ever went to

Must you sleep with all dick and duck to excel

I proposed a meaningful opportunity to you

But you were greedy and hungrier than i thought

There is never a problem until you began to mess around and it is too bad that at your age and with all you have, you chose the wrong part.Displaying your body over the web cam is like a porn star thing, must you do that to be a wonder to him

Must you prostitute?


For all the times wasted with you

For the energies invested in you

For all my ideas and tracks to go

For every good intention i had for you

For looking down on a heart that cared

For making me think twice once again

I didn't mean to hurt you but you don't want to stay,you can't hide your true color because i know who you are, that is why i decided to let you go.

It is all over

Sorry if i hurt you,but you wanted out.
Sorry if i hurt you,but you wanted out.

I saw it coming

I knew all your follies but decided to play along with you besides, sometimes you don't flog a child on the same day he split the oil all over the floor, i knew all your dirty tracks but what you failed to understand is that wisdom is might.If you were a boy,you would have understood better and know that you would be faithful and if i were you,i would have been a better woman.But you have a skeleton in your cupboard and it is obvious that you have been a flirt all along

Until you loose something you took for granted then you will realize its value.

I still kept that cloths of yours

That cloths you wore on the night

That night i asked you about the text

You see, my mission was to save you

That was why i disobeyed my superior

And had to resuscitated you with my love

It was my own money and no one else

I gave you my whole time and

I was there for you and never led you astray

Nothing good comes from you

But i never expected more than i gave

That was why i had to let go

It was like a blow to you because you never knew that i have made up my mind or perhaps you think that you can fool all the people all the time.You see, that is the problem because, what goes around comes around and i believe in karma.

It is the distributive law of Justice, it is against anti joy and it flings when you feel you are smart,that was why i had to let go on a day you needed me most,It wasn't a big blow;was it?

No, there are so many of them out there besides you have got all it takes but why the tears?Why the hidden grief?Life goes on my dear because you owe me nothing, it was not a heartbreak and not a betrayal.

The real love i had for you died on the 10th of Jan 2009, i just had you back because i wanted to give you cover, many were after you but for old times sake,i opened once more but never trusted you.

Do not feel that it is yet over, it is still a battle."The end justifies the means", there is nothing wrong between us my friend, the only thing wrong was falling in love with you.I saw it coming because i knew all your moves.

My instincts told me that the best thing to do was to let go of you, so i did and it is for good,i wish you the best of luck and pray earnestly for you to change because all that glitter is not gold.

You sailed this far to be safe

I can still feel your plight

I know what you are going through

But you do not deserve a hero

You have been a cheat all along

The mark is right in your heart

It is the source of lies and deceit

The battle is still on my friend

It is a free world and you can walk out any time

You chose to stray that is why you paid this prize

Just leave it as it is becasue trying to put the peiece together will injure you...2/2/08-18/2/2010.

18/02/2010. It is now broken that is why i let go,was hard but you have to go.
18/02/2010. It is now broken that is why i let go,was hard but you have to go.

J.Nwa Baby


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