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Are you a Super Detective?

Updated on October 20, 2015

Your Favorite Private Eye: Bruno Brochetti

Are you a Super Detective?


Hi, my name is Brochetti, Bruno Brochetti. It‘s my pleasure to welcome you all. Some people say I'm not that smart... but I don't care about that. At least I'm handsome!...

Let me tell you what we are going to do tonight. Well... As you all know, this is a teambuilding crime dinner. That means... we are going to eat.

But we are also going to participate in an examination, a test. And everyone who passes the test will be a real... Super Detective!... Like me... or the guys in these case studies of mine!...

And by the way, if you're thinking that this private eye is the only job where you can get fired every day, you're wrong!... Find out what's the right answer and do it here !

Now, listen carefully... I have three murder cases for you... Can you solve them?...

Try it!... If you can't... The solutions are here!

Bruno Brochetti Live Action Shooter

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She Did Not Fasten Her Seatbelts!

Duncan Dean, 35, looks at the wreck that once was his car. The man himself only has some minor scratches, but his wife hasn't survived the crash. The passenger side of the car, where his wife was sitting, is completely destroyed.

A Super Detective like me walks towards the driver. Mister Dean really looks upset. The detective wants to know what has happened and asks him to describe the accident.

"We had dinner in a small restaurant in the outskirts of town," he says. "We drove back home, there was a lot of traffic on the highway and I decided to take the smaller roads, driving south-east and... And then... What do you think, sir? Would my wife still be alive if she had used the seatbelts?"

The detective nods his head, it seems better not to answer the question. This poor man has suffered enough. He asks Mr. Dean to go on with his story.

"There was not that much traffic here... But suddenly, when I reached the top of a hill, I was blinded by the sun. I couldn't control the car... and I crashed against that tree over there."

The detective looks up. He now knows for sure that this lamenting widower had murdered his wife.

How did this friend of mine found out the truth?

The Case of the Murdered Roommate

I tried not to breath. The smell of the rotting body was disgusting. The coroner however, he didn't care about the smell.

"Fracture of the skull due to hard beating with a thump object," he said.

Someone was sobbing all the time. "This is terrible. Lisa Grant was my roommate when we were students!" cried Karin Frazer. "We took acting lessons together. Last week, we both had an audition for an important part in the new movie of Quentin Tarantino. He called Lisa yesterday to tell her that she was the chosen one. I was so happy for her! Really, look..."

Karin nodded at the empty bottle of champagne on the table.

"When did you saw the victim alive for the last time?" I asked her.

"This morning," Karin said. "I had an audition for a part in a theatre play." She showed me an invitation for the audition. "Lisa had to meet Quentin this morning, and I wanted to know if everything was all right... But I didn't even have the chance to say goodbye..."

Karin sniffed.

"Stop your sobbing!" I said. "You murdered your former roommate, because you wanted the part in this new pulp fiction movie!"

But the question is, ladies and gentlemen... How did I know?

Killer Python

I examined the body that was on the floor. Name? Francis DeLillo. His wife was kneeling next to him. She pointed out two little red spots in the neck of the victim, traces of a snake-bite. Not far from there a giant Python was sleeping under a tree. I maintained a save distance. These animals can be very dangerous.

"A thousand times I asked him to get rid of that animal!" the lady cried out. "He knew a snake-bite could be fatal, the poison kills fast and this time of the year, the python is mating... and especially then these reptiles are very aggressive!"

I asked her where she had been the rest of the day.

"I left early this morning. We wanted to move to a new house. We were going to live separately, but we remained friends. If I had only arrived home earlier, I could have called the hospital! An injection with an anti-poison would have saved him!"

I knew the woman had killed her husband... Okay, all right... But how did I know?


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    • The Lost Dutchman profile imageAUTHOR

      Patrick Bernauw 

      10 years ago from Flanders (Belgium)

      Thank you for your nice words, wannabwestern! And for the suggestion to check out this Tony Hillerman mysteries!

    • wannabwestern profile image

      Carolyn Augustine 

      10 years ago from Iowa

      What fun! I figured 'em out! Have you read any Tony Hillerman mysteries? He's the only mystery writer I've ever gotten into. He combines your love of the American West with some interesting Native American characters. I am fascinated by your team-building angle. I'm looking forward to reading more.


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