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13 Really Cool Halloween Ideas

Updated on July 14, 2016

How To Have a Very Special Halloween!

It's Halloween... and you want to do something really special? Something really cool? Well, here are 13 creepy tips for you to get inspired, and have a Very Special Halloween!

* 1./ Bewitched Macbeth

Here’s the gruesome but true story of the Curse of Shakespeare’s Scottish play, M A C B E T H. But don’t you mention the name of that play! Don’t read it aloud! Don’t say the word M A C B E T H ! Ever! The Unmentionable will bring bad luck to you all! (You can cast the Spell together with a Shakespearian Witch in the Mad Monologue, though... and see what happens.)

* 2./ Set Up Something Like the Greatest Halloween Hoax Ever

The War of the Worlds was performed as a Halloween episode of a American radio drama series, broadcasted live on October 30, 1938...

* 3./ Tell a "True" Campfire Story

What happened during the holidays?

* 4./ Do Some Urban Exploration in Search of, let's say... Aliens?

Make an Instagram of their Writings On The Wall!

* 5./ Play a Halloween Monologue

And solve The Murder of Edgar Allan Poe! This monologue is also a ghost story, which raises the question if Edgar Allan Poe was not only a brilliant author, but also a demonic killer, who wrote The Mystery of Marie Roget to boast about a crime he committed…

* 6./ Funny Horror Teambuilding Game: Humor Meets Horror!

An excellent idea for your Halloween Party!... The late & infamous horror writer Harry Hurror has defined in his last will that some pieces of his famous secret Artefarce Hurror Collection should be put to auction...

* 7./ Imagine... A Halloween Prank!

More than 2000 people in cities all over the world, from Los Angeles and Berlin to Sao Paulo, Tehran, Bejing, New Delhi and Moskow, claimed they have been seeing This Man in their dreams…

* 8./ The Dead Guy Interviews of Michael Stusser

In The Dead Guy Interviews, Michael Stusser chats with the most famous personalities of all-time, asking them questions about their lives, accomplishments, and what's on their iPod. Why don't you play some Dead Guy Scenes at your Halloween Party?

* 9./ The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

There are some great interpretations on YouTube or MySpace of Edgar Allan Poe's classic dark poem The Raven. So here is a top 3 of my favorites... and why don't you organize a Raven Contest?

* 10./ How To Produce Your Own Halloween Murder Mystery

* 11./ Make a Xtranormal Animated Video

Like in this poetic tale of the Castle of the Sleeping Beauty...

* 12./ Listen to a Halloween Monologue

A True Crime Story Meets a True Ghost Story, somewhere in a sausage plant in Chicago. Here come the horrific adventures of Adolph and Louise Lutgert!

* 13./ Go hunting Ghosts & Unicorns

"Want to talk to the other side? Here's where to do it folks. My most recent innovation is my device that allows me to text message the dead. My Text Messenger to the Dead (TMTTD) works via a cone, a secret code, and the device I created."


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      4 years ago


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      some pretty cool ideas here

    • AndyBaker profile image


      9 years ago from UK

      Nice hub. A nice halloween story would be great in a few months.

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 

      10 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      Great ideas. I'm waiting for someone to write and good-and-scary horror story for Halloween.


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