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Ares KotP: A Brewing Storm

Updated on August 5, 2011

Chapter 9

Of all the times for the power to go out, it had to be when I was forging a new shield. Of course, to be honest, I shouldn’t be shocked with the storm that was brewing outside, both magically and mother naturely. I sighed, magically sealed my forge off from human eyes, and decided to go play the scared puppy routine to garner a cookie or slice of cheese. As usual, it worked, and I curled up in the floor nibbling some cheese, my eyes and ears watchful.

Outside, I could hear the spirits of the air crying warnings to those who could hear it, and I strained to hear them better. Bricky, the aging, retired Knight I lived with padded over to me and bumped heads in an affectionate seeming way. In reality, he sent a short burst of information to me. I wagged my tail, stuck out my tongue (how we knights sense magic) and bounced up and down a few times in the manner of a playful puppy. Bricky mimicked my actions, and the humans laughed at our antics. There, I sensed it too. With a quick glance at Bricky I made a playful pounce, and we took off running around in what the humans had endearingly called Peke tag. In reality we were setting wards up around the house for protection against what was coming.

We settled by the water bowl and I waved a paw over it, woofing a few words of power out into the water bowl, turning it into a variance of a scrying pond. As the mist parted in the waters, we saw enchantments hanging over the air spirits, draining their power, causing the elements to go wild, fueling the storms. A powerful enchantment, not one I was sure I could break. We watched some more and noticed that as the power was drained away; it was being funneled into a dark swirling portal. One I had seen before, one that the Horseman use to work their spells. I woofed again, waving my paw over the bowl and the images disappeared. Such spells had to be worked carefully, simply because an experienced user could use the scrying pool as a portal behind the wards.

I glanced at Bricky and he nodded, looking towards the humans briefly. We placed our heads together, drew in our power, and created an image of me which could last for a short time. I had to reach the Knighthood and report my findings. A quick woof, two hops and some power and I was in the Knighthoods main Headquarters. A glance around revealed the situation was pretty bad somewhere, as there was representatives from the Camel Brotherhood, the Stirling Stallions, and the Hooters Club. Yes, the Hooters club, apparently the founding owl had no idea how that would change over time.

I padded over to the elderly Woofy(his humans suck) to give my report, but before I did, I received several intel balls floating near me. I stuck a paw out and absorbed each one. Apparently all around the globe, minor spirits were being drained and their power being funneled somewhere. I added my intelligence to them, plus my speculation about the horsemen being behind it. As the information was sent among the representatives, a silence hung over the room, and one thought echoed through our heads. The two horsemen were trying to bring through a third. If all four horsemen were unleashed on earth, it would literally be the end of times. A brief flash of thought raced through our heads, sent from Woofy to prepare ourselves. We depart within the hour to fight.

I quickly ported home, downloaded information to Bricky, poured a little more magic into illusion me, and prepared myself. Prepared myself for the fight to save all Earth.


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    • tngolfplayer profile image

      tngolfplayer 6 years ago from Knoxville

      Thanks, I appreciate it. People who know my peke say its funnier when they imagine he is the one actually talking.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      you know whats good about your story is the description.. it's well written.... but i tell you its a worth while read.. going to print out the other chapters so I can read it over a cup of coffee :) Frank