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Arrival of the Biblical Four Horsemen

Updated on March 3, 2013

The Gala Event

I don’t know if this has anything to do with the approaching 2012 but some people are speculating that the arrival of the first two horsemen has taken place.

First there was the video footage at Tahrir Square in Cairo,Egypt.

In this video you can see what appears to be a green rider on a green horse. It has been reported that the rider is supposed to of told the people that this was the beginning of change.

Secondly, a video aired by NGO news, shows what some say is a horseman, above Prince William’s head at a Gala event.

A close analysis was taken on the video of the Prince. The result was that there appeared to be no computer animation involved and that what you see was actually there.

This is unusual and mysterious, as if the “horseman” was actually there, you would have thought that at least one person would have looked up, Strange.

The Four Horsemen

The Apocalypse

As most will be aware, according to the Bible, the Apocalypse will be preceded by the arrival of the Four Horsemen.

Is this what was meant? Is this the first two of the four?

Some say that it is but then there are always those that look for things to foretell of the end of days. I guess these claims will increase as we get closer to December 2012.

Whether you believe these videos to really show the horsemen of the Apocalypse or not, you have to admit that they show something strange and mysterious.

It will be interesting to watch you tube and news sites over the next few months, to see if anything that resembles a third horseman appears.

I am guessing that, if the Bible is correct, and the four horsemen will precede the Apocalypse. If these, are the first two.

It is too late to do anything, so, I will just keep hubbing.


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    • profile image

      Nick Adams 5 years ago

      check out bible versus about the illuminati, may shed some light on things that are taking place right now

    • profile image

      Israel 5 years ago

      i believe it. God has been speaking to me more than ever the past month. Its time to get right with him. He is real with out a doubt.

    • maplethorpej profile image

      Jerad Maplethorpe 6 years ago from Minneapolis, Minn.

      Yeah, I'm not sure if either of those could qualify as biblical events. You would think that, AT LEAST, their physical appearances would be consistent...

    • djoutsider711 profile image

      djoutsider711 6 years ago from Tulsa, Ok.

      Really? :-P Thanks for the amusement...

      I prefer Occam's Razor when it comes to silly claims like these. The Green Horseman is a illusion, some reflection on the glass that the scene below is being filmed through. Note how there are other light spots that seem to follow the movements of the horseman and how it is noticeably overlaying the entire scene below, eg. he is covering the hand rails and everything in the foreground.

      So far as the White horseman goes... he looks more pink to me. The poor trapeze artist must be ecstatic to find himself being called one of the Four Horsemen.

    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      Oh boy, could be.