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Around the great divide with Captain Robert Gray

Updated on January 7, 2012

So you travel...around the world you say...with your ship...your galleon of good faith in the name of merchants,

You say your united states appeal...your flagship carrying goods from all across the world in an effort to receive a notorious fame,

Do you know where you've gone then...beijing you canton...wait on past the Indian coast from Calcutta,

Magellan did this before you did he not...but you have U.S. Fame...the ship guarded by illuminators of past British defeats.

You have proved the worth of trade that can extend across the seven seas...revenue you have...plight you don't,

After your Indian crossing...was it the cape of good hope next...the violent waters you passed with an ease unforeseen by explorers before you,

Mr. Robert Gray...I do believe from others you just traveled to From Boston to China...but that Oregon coast,

The Columbian river...your Oregon stake for U.S. have recreated destinies...for that we must bow before you.


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