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Article Writing Software - What You Need to Know

Updated on November 12, 2010

Looking for software to write your articles for you? Article writing software is a popular request as many people struggle to write articles - but the sad truth is that you already own the best article software money can buy - the stuff that resides between your ears!

In this hub I want to look at first why we all want to write more and more articles, and then secondly how we can write articles more quickly and efficiently while still providing an appropriate level of quality. Thirdly I will look at some article writing "software" which will speed up the process - but its probably not what you think - read on to find out more!

Why Write Articles?

There are many reasons that we write articles online. I write articles to provide backlinks and gain traffic for my main sites. I also have to write the content for those sites as well. I earn income from my articles both directly (for example here on hubpages and on infobarrel) and also indirectly from articles on sites such as EzineArticles.

Anyone can write any article given an infinite amount of time. Unfortunately none of us have that luxury of infinite time and the trick to earning an online income is to not just write articles but to write articles fast.

As with any skill - the more articles you write the faster and better you will become at it.

What Type of Article Works

Before you start to write your article you need to know what keywords you are using for the article - or at least your topic! Keep your articles focused and don't make them too long. A supporting article should probably ideally be between 300 and 400 words - for an article on your own site anywhere from 400 to 2000 words will work depending on your approach to article content.

The most important thing about your article is your keywords - your keywords will determine how easy it will be rank your article in the search engines and what type of competition you are against in advance.

Once you know your topic then the next important item for your article is your title - its the title that your potential readers will see first be it in an article directory or a search engine result listing - you need to have a "hook" in your title to encourage potential readers to click through to your article.

Volume Is Key with Article Writing

Frankly writing just one article to support your site or your hubpage - is just a waste of time. Instead you need to write five or ten or even twenty articles spread over a number of sites.

This amount of volume scares some people - but its not so difficult. First off you need to be able to type well - or use a dictation program if your typing skills aren't good (or your hands are getting sore!)

Writing Many Articles Fast

How do you write so many articles on a similar topic though? Well its not that difficult - think about how newspapers and broadcast news will tell the same story over and over again just using different words - well you can use that same approach.

Say I want to write about learning to fly fish - how could I change that around to make more than one article?

Well obviously we would start with "How to Learn To Fly Fish", then we can look at some obvious variations on this theme:

  • Step-by-Step Guide to Learning How to Fly Fish
  • FAQs about Learning to Fly Fish
  • Take this Quiz to See How Much you Know about Learning to Fly Fish
  • Learning to Fly Fish - 5 Mistakes to Avoid
  • Learning to Fly fish - 5 Top Tips to Learn Fast!
  • Learn How to Fly Fish - A Women's Guide
  • Want to Learn to Fly Fish - Check List for Beginners
  • Learning fo Fly Fish - My Story

The really powerful thing with this approach of writing a number of related articles is that you can also use the same basic research to write each article - but still produce unique articles. No software required! In fact taking this approach can actually be quicker than using traditional "article spinners" - and is far more likely to provide quality, unique content.

So there you have it - yes I've tried the traditional articles spinners and other short-cuts to writing content.  However I have never found an automated solution which provides good enough copy for my websites and places like HubPages which have humans as readers. I found the approach in the recommended ebook and video worked for me and is probably what you would learn in a being jouranlism class - its just I've never been to writing school so I found it helpful .

Do you use article writing to promote your websites and hubs?

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