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As Love Falls Down: A Poem of Hope, Life, Love, Change and Choices.

Updated on March 11, 2013

Love leaves in graceful tones.

Love leaves in graceful tones.
Love leaves in graceful tones. | Source

Try To Time Your Changes.

'As Love Falls Down' by Pearldiver, is a poem of hope about love, life, change and the choices that we make to help us grow. Change in one’s life can be triggered by many things and dependent on whether or not the process of change was chosen, or was a forced event, its influence can be profound.

Change that directly affects personal growth is usually best undertaken individually, as rarely do two people follow the exact paths towards what represents personal growth for each. Many couples in serious relationships can not conceive growing in an independent manner and therefore often limit themselves and/or their partners in the ability to gain measured degrees of change. In life however, we must always be moving forward, more so as the world via social media and the net, now presents us with potentially more interesting life options and of course, subtle degrees of recommended changes towards personal growth via those options. Change is a positive aspect of life and should be embraced as such, as opposed to being regarded as being a negative factor by many insecure individuals, who fear and often try to control, the potential outcomes of a life changing event.

Change is about choice and one’s need to make the conscious choice of how best to apply it to one’s circumstances and one’s growth objectives. We are all different. Change serves to highlight exactly how different we are and how much we need to adjust, to ensure that our growth is based on positive experiences.

‘As Love Falls Down’ is poem that speaks of change and of the need to act on the natural urge that many of us have to do so. The poem shows that timing is also an important factor in change, as there are times in our lives when for some of us, the timing for change is perfect, while for others it is not. Please enjoy the message in 'As Love Falls Down.'

Copyright © 2011 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved

Change is a Positive Action.


Torn... cast to angry winds.

Cast to angry winds.
Cast to angry winds. | Source

'As Love Falls Down.'

One leaf flutters down

Without a breeze to guide its way

Twisting happily,

Hewed in reddish golden brown, not blue

It represents a changing world,

Setting forth beyond the tree

Alone, love leaves in graceful tones

So that love will be renewed


In stormy gales our tree gave way

Battered and tortured she falls

Her trunk cracks in groans,

Exploding shards of splintered heart

In solitude one mother dies,

Love leaves torn, cast to angry winds

Lifeboats of hope seeking safer shores

Together, alone and apart


If you had been more patient

I would have waited and not left

Though I would have likely fallen

Bruised beneath our tree

If I had only loved you

Throughout the wildest winds,

In still silence, as love falls down

Would you have loved me enough, to set me free?


♦ Essential Poetry by Pearldiver ♦

Copyright © 2011 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved.

In still silence.

I would have waited and not left.
I would have waited and not left. | Source

Thank you for reading this work.

I hope that you have enjoyed this poem. If so, please take a minute to mark it below. Thank you for your support. Take Care.


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