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"......As it is in Heaven"

Updated on January 22, 2017

* Sometimes things in my life can get pretty tough and quite overwhelming. I would never hurt myself, but sometimes I consider surrender and question if it's all worth it. My way of dealing with this is to, I guess you could say, step out of the "reality" of my current circumstances and dwell upon this phrase from the Lord's Prayer: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven." When I think about the Kingdom of God coming to Earth and my life being just as it will be in Heaven, it provides me my answer- That "Yes" it is ALL worth it, and will be for eternity. This thought gives me Hope and a reason to press onward. So ".....As it is in Heaven" is basically just my feeble attempt to convey the Blissful existence that I escape to and take solace in, to re-"fill my cup", from time to time.


"Your Kingdom come

Your Will be done

On Earth just as it is in Heaven"

-(On Earth just as it is in Heaven)

--(On Earth just as it is in Heaven)

---(On Earth just as it is in Heaven)


(Thank you Lord!)

"........In Jesus' Name, Amen"

I open my eyes

Reality is realized

My consciousness takes flight

Walking with Christ

Within the heights

Living the lights

Feeling the sights

Tasting the songs

Joining the throngs

Father I'm inadequate

"Son, it's yours, you belong"

Forever Celebration




It’s here!

The realization's


No more sorrows

No more Pain

No more fear

No more shame

No regretting what's been lost

No more fretting what it costs

No more sleepless

No more hurting

No more weakness.

No more burden

No more haters

No more fears

No more bitter

No more tears

I believed in a Promised Land

But then that Miracle appeared

Believing is now knowing

Because Heaven is now here!!!


"Your Kingdom come

Your Will be done

On Earth just as it is in Heaven"

-(On Earth just as it is in Heaven)

--(On Earth just as it is in Heaven)

---(On Earth just as it is in Heaven)


(I will never be in want!)

All the Praise

All the Bliss

All the Glory

All the riches

All itches scratched

All wishes given

Led beside the quiet waters

Body healed- soul restored

Straightest path through grassy fields

Reap the best that Eden yields

My God I love the risen Lord

Loudly I'm compelled to sing

I’m Jesus' son with what that brings

Bow to God alone- I mentor kings

Try to give as I’ve been given

Livin' lovin- lovin' livin'

Joy undeserved but realized

Earth became just like in Heaven!!

Promised Land Eutopia

Much more than I was hoping for

The climax of exuberance

Intoxicated by the ecstasy

Peace over understanding

Bliss alone in Paradise

Limitless, see through His eyes

The Great Creator Still resides

He Lives in us and through our lives

All is good

Good is great

Great is God

God is..... Here!

Praise His Name

His Kingdom came

Heaven has returned to Earth

Things will never be the same!!!

Glory beyond infinite

Passion beyond intimate

Whatsoever the cost

Whatever it takes

Whatever the plan

Jesus, count me in for it!!!


"Your Kingdom come

Your Will be done

On Earth just as it is in Heaven"

-(On Earth just as it is in Heaven)

--(On Earth just as it is in Heaven)

---(On Earth just as it is in Heaven)

---(On earth just like it is in Heaven)



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    • aim4strz profile imageAUTHOR

      Daniel Austhof 

      3 years ago from West Michigan

      Thanks so much bigj1969! I only hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it!!! Thanks again

    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 

      3 years ago from glasgow

      Loved your hub,couldn't stop reading it,beautiful images aswell.


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