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Download eBooks For Easy Listening!

Updated on September 19, 2011

It Takes All Kinds Of Book Lovers To Listen On Audio-Books...

From the library to the track, books are now available, for reading and listening -- at the same time.
From the library to the track, books are now available, for reading and listening -- at the same time.

eBooks for Readers On the Go!

Honestly, if I have my iPod, iPad or something similar... like my iPhone - along with me, then as an avid reader, I am hooked up in more ways than one. Cool huh? I love ebooks! All kinds of books.

I am particularly attracted to antiquarian books from a collectors standpoint... but not for their monetary value per-se, of collecting these old books. I just have a thing for old books... antiquarian style.

I love the feel, the smell, even just the history of old antiquarian books is romantic to me. Not necessarily the history, etc... that they contain... or the stories if you will. For those who love these old antiquarian books, of whatever genre - you know what I am saying, right?

Just to hold them.... okay, enough.


Audio and eBooks ROCK As Far As This Technology Nerd Is Concerned!

But, the ability to have the ebooks I love recorded, so that I can read them or listen to them is wonderful. Audio ebooks make it so that I can plug in anytime or in any situation that I want and be read/listening.

This just rocks as far as I am concerned.

My personal theme song was inspired by none other than Napoleon Dynamite - of "I love technology" fame ! Compliments of my children's humor! I am not a techie, but I love what technology has done for our lives.

And it just keeps getting better. If I can use it to enhance my love of reading ebooks.... then whoopee, I am a happy camper!

What would generally be consider an 'audio-book' are the words taken of a 'published' (but not necessarily) book, voice narrated, then recorded as an exact replica of that very book... it's kind of like having story-time anytime and anywhere you want it - if you are enabled to do so!

Now, that is a very narrow definition of an audio ebook... so please go and read wiki on their definitions, etc... But always remember when using 'wiki'... it is open source and that means, like the stock-market... what you read one day.... may be different the next. It is only fairly credible, depending on topic.

But for your definition of what is considered an audio book or ebook... mine should be sufficient for this article.

Which like I said, for me usually means that I am using my iPod, iPad or iPhone. But you can use any type of MP3 type player or e-reader etc... that is compatible with this type of technology. So that you too can read-listen to your ebooks until your hearts content.

Audio and eBooks Increase Our Ability To Multi-Task... And More!

Or you can listen to audio or ebooks on CD... yeah, those old-fashioned round things. Hey, I actually had a guy on the plane with me the other day... at the very same time I pulled out my iPod, he pulled out his Compact Disc player - (in case you forgot what the CD stands for) we looked at each other and just laughed out loud!

Of course, he then commented on how he was just an old fashioned kind of guy... and it works! Airplane bonding at its highest and best!

I am into multi-tasking for and in all kinds of situations. It has become an art-form.Think about it.... how long have we been able to just listen to our music and get other things done while enjoying ourselves with our tunes? (old-fashioned CD player - remember? I didn't want you to forget, yet)Well, now we can add audio and ebook reading as another way to multi-task or multi-enhance what we are doing and anywhere we are able to do so... I can edify my mind as I read my favorite books. All this, while driving in my car, waiting in the doctors office, working out - problems, cleaning my house, doing yard work, planting flowers, laying on the beach, walking, hiking, riding a bike, or waiting in the perpetual lines of where ever I might be forced to do so still, etc... Or just hanging out and relaxing by my pool! Now, you think of some other ways too...

Even If You Are Not High-Tech... Meaning You Are Still Having Trouble Figuring Out E-Mail -- You Can Use Audio-Books Nonetheless!

Oh I really do love technology! Technology with all of its frustrations, etc... is such a blessing in our lives. And even if you are not high-tech, meaning you are still having trouble figuring out e-mail. LOL You can use audio-books nonetheless!

It starts most often with purchasing the media, either through buying the actual CD or what I believe is much more popular today - that of downloading from the myriad of audio  or ebook downloads companies online... that sell audio and ebooks through wireless download format. What I really like about this way of purchasing an audio or ebook or CD, is that I always have a clean copy available to me - even if I run into a problem with that which I am listening to it - on.

For instance - how many times have you put out the money on a CD, be it music or an audio-book on CD - and no matter how careful you were - ended up damaging the darned thing through general use of it? I hate that! Now, even if I do buy a CD, or audio, or ebbook in a store or online - I can immediately import in onto my computers hard-drive and just file that hardcopy - safely away. So, just in case something awful happens to my 'player' and I damage or lose my audio-book capability, I'm not out in the cold as if I never owned it... my book.

Can You Think Of A Better Gift Idea Than This? Books Have Always Been A Sure Win, When It Comes To Gift Giving!

I have been talking a lot about why I like audio ebooks, but really, can you think of a better gift-giving idea than this? Books have always been a sure win, when it comes to gift giving. There is never a time, when I cannot think of a ebook that I would like to have!

Now, you can give, in the form of a code - via these online downloading companies - to anyone, the book of their choice! Perfect, huh?

In this way, they can choose their own ebook title and have it immediately. And most everyone today has a "hard-drive" of some type available to them, so they too, can enjoy this technology of downloading and read-listening to an audio or ebook.

The Future Of AudioBooks For Book Lovers...

There will always be those who will insist on reading only a hardcopy of the books they want to read... whatever? Like I said... I love old dusty, musty, antiquarian books, but.... hey - I love technology too!

Who says you can't have it both ways? And I, am just that stubborn!Heck, do some people need to be blind... in order to see and hear the beauty of audio ebook technology? I suppose so...Write-On!

What is your favorite audiobook or how do you use them in your life?

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    • mscott45 profile image

      Michelle Booth 

      6 years ago from UK

      I'm going to try this right now! Thanks.

    • tonymead60 profile image

      Tony Mead 

      6 years ago from Yorkshire

      Write on, interesting facts, I really enjoy audiobooks, particularly when I'm painting. It is like having a friend behind me just chatting. DOwnside if you don't like the readers voice or accent then it's hell. I recently bought some Wiber Smith books mostly set in S.Africa and the reader was terrible at that accent, which to be fair is difficult if you are not from there.



    • Write On! profile imageAUTHOR

      Write On! 

      9 years ago from United States

      foodstorage -

      The iphone is not the only piece of apparatus that you can download and listen to audio-books on... there are many mp3 options:-)

      Write On!

    • foodstorage profile image


      9 years ago from Utah

      I love listening to podcasts and audio books. I just need a tool for it now. I definitely have iphone envy :)

    • Write On! profile imageAUTHOR

      Write On! 

      9 years ago from United States

      Hi robie -

      If you are a multi-tasker, and happen to like to do more things than one at a time - downloading audio books is a great way to use your time.


      Write On!

    • robie2 profile image

      Roberta Kyle 

      9 years ago from Central New Jersey

      A great, wonderfully informative hub-- I love downloading music but never thought of downloading books onto my ipod--hmmmmm now I want an iphone--technolust Begone!!!!!:-)


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