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Oprah Winfrey: Her Favorite Things O List Is Hot Stuff - Get the KINDLE!

Updated on February 12, 2014

Oprah Is STYLE!

You Say Style.... and I say Oprah! If your STYLE has anything to do with GOLD!

Oprah and the KINDLE!

Oprah Winfrey is the epitome of STYLE. And if you say "style" you must also say Oprah - once again! Oprah literally turns everything she touches into Gold - with her one and only "Oprah" Style! I mean, look what's happening with the new KINDLE! Everyone now, because Oprah has touched it - must have a Kindle!!!

People clamor to have Oprah notice what they have to offer... so that she may choose to simply touch it - with her STYLE-WAND and watch it turn into pure GOLD!


Let us be honest here - TODAY! It takes sheer STYLE in the "how" you place a "thing" - on that silver platter, and then "who" serves it up, in determining IF a "thing" - NOW... is IN-STYLE! That is power.

You explain it to me - how a simple T-shirt, can suddenly be worth GOLD - as just a t-shirt? I don't care how 'cute' or 'soft' or even scrumptious that T-shirt is...

Dog-on-it... it is just a T-SHIRT!

You tell me... HOW does a pair of 'jeans' or some cute P.J.'s or a basic 'watch' or a stylish leather 'purse' or a newly published 'book' or some out of the blue bottle of lotion or cream... have quality or style enough - on its own - to then qualify to be touched by the Queen and pronounced a 'thing' of worth - above all others - now to be considered an absolute MUST HAVE and be dubbed a coveted place on the O List!

Kindle - Oprah's New Favorite Thing - You Will WANT This!

Oprah Winfrey's Style and Sharing Her Favorite Things...

How Important To Us Is Oprah's Style And Her O List?

Because NOW, - it has been deemed to have sexy STYLE - because the amazing Ms. O - has said so!

Now that is STYLE! The ability to recognize a thing that has style and then convince billions of others - that it too has enough style. The kind of style that others will want and not only want, but consider themselves now having STYLE - IF they too indulge in the stylish thing!

Status - If you own the right thing now 'deemed' by the Queen to have STYLE - then now you become STYLE too... eh?

And, come on people - who - these days - does not want to be in-style? If you are in-style , then you are amongst the stylish people who are also in-style. And oh my goodness - how glorious it feels to be IN-Style!

Everybody wants what you have - because it is in-style. Have you ever noticed that "what" is in "style" is that which usually cost a lot of money - in comparison to the same item - that is NOT in style? But - you have the 'one' that has been declared by the style gods - to be STYLE itself!

Hallelujah for style which sets us apart, right?

Now, If The Style Fits - Then I Say... Wear It, Own It And Enjoy It!

Doesn't it feel good to wear those in-style jeans, or carry that in-style purse or wear that in-style watch, and even to smell like that in-style fragrance?

Why - why - why - are we so knowingly and willingly and easily converted to STYLE? Think about it? What does this say about society in general?

Sucker you say? What flavor? LOL

But hey... admit it! You are having a blast being so stylish and having everyone ooh and awe at what you have -- that everybody knows is stylish and that they do NOT have! (afterall it is on the O list)

Have you ever asked yourself this question: If a thing is so stylish and desirable - then why doesn't EVERYBODY have one or get it?

Oh, come on - you know why you don't ask that which you already know!

Could it be about money and what a person is willing to give up or pay for that 'STYLE'?

You knew that, right? Well, I think - this is something that we all should consider - before deciding to 'get' so stylish - while others around us - are not so stylish... or perhaps choosing to not be so stylish. Crazy thoughts, huh?

These Are Just A Few Of Oprah's Favorite Things..

Kai Body Butter and Body Buffer Approximate value: Body Butter $55; Body Buffer $28
Kai Body Butter and Body Buffer Approximate value: Body Butter $55; Body Buffer $28
UGG® Australia Classic Crochet Tall Boot Approximate value: $120
UGG® Australia Classic Crochet Tall Boot Approximate value: $120

Can Value Have Style And Can Style Be A Value? According To Oprah... Yes!

Can value have style? Does style have value? Now - there is a good barometer that you could apply to 'how' much style you want to 'be' in...

I will be the first one to say... I LOVE MY iphone! I love my MAC Laptop - I love the car I drive - If its leather, I love it -- but we should 'always' evaluate WHY we 'love it' and 'want it' and just gotta 'have it'!

In general - I am an positive fan of Oprah Winfrey... most of the time. I really like her STYLE! I don't necessarily agree with everything the beautiful Ms. O serves up -- but I will give it to her on this one --- she does it with style and value; and it is the value FIRST, which is the very reason that so many also are willing to partake of Oprah's Style, year after year - wherein she finds her continued success.

I have been a television 'fan' of the beloved Ms. O - for many years, watching her from the time my children were young. I believe that she has worked hard - to serve up on a silver platter - that which has consistently been valued by the many who accept her recommendations - through the compiling her famous - Oprah's "Favorite Things" List.

Here Is To Style And To Oprah Winfrey's Favorite O List...

I am a skeptic about certain things. When it comes to giving anyone the kind of power that Oprah Winfrey has - by the many that sincerely adore her - I am going to step back and ask the questions - that should be asked about the use of this kind of power?

Albeit - it is "we" who allow any equal individual - the kind of status and power that Oprah Winfrey has been "granted" by us...

For now - I personally, although I have actually only fallen prey to the list on an O-cassion - will hereby grant Oprah Winfrey - my loyalty and support to her "Style" and continued dedication to taking silver and turning it to gold - in many ways and for no doubt - many reasons.

Until - or if she ever proves me wrong in her intentions and ability to deliver those "things" that she calls "favorites" to me - with value - I will continue to be a fan!

Here is to Oprah - and to that very unique kind of stylish presentation - of which only the beloved Ms. Oprah Winfrey can serve!



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