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Author Interview with P. Wish

Updated on January 5, 2021
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I am the author of three middle-grade children's books, and I blog on the side. My favorite topics are movies, writing, and pop culture.


P Wish


About P. Wish

In my interview series, I rarely receive requests to interview picture book writers and short story authors. Author P. Wish, however, is both, having published one book in each genre with novels in other genres to follow in the future.

P. Wish is proof that a writer does not have to stick to a particular genre. Some may thrive in one over another, but if a writer limits themselves to one genre in particular, they could be denying themselves and their readers of great work. Be sure to check out P. Wish’s diverse credits in the links below along with her answers to my interview questions.

My Life in 3 Colours book cover


The Interview

1. How many books have you written and where can you buy them?

I have currently written two books.

The first one is called, My Life in 3 Colours. It is a children’s picture book.

The ebook version is available on Amazon and Smashwords. The paperback version is available on Lulu.

I have also published a short story anthology called Into the Light.

2. What famous books can you compare to your own?

My Life in 3 Colours is inspired by The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It is also similar to it.

As for Into the Light, it is a literary short story compilation made up of nine stories in three different genres. The unifying theme is ‘enigma’ or a twist in the tale. I feel that my style resembles the works of Edgar Allan Poe and O. Henry.

3. Why do you write for this particular age group?

My Life in 3 Colours - Children are very perceptive. They are more intelligent than most people give them credit for. They absorb the meaning of the story, not just the words. Due to this, I find it rewarding to write for children. Since their thoughts are in the process of being shaped, they may be more open to new ideas.

4. How autobiographical are your books?

Very. As the famous writer Oscar Wilde once said: “A man's face is his autobiography. A woman's face is her work of fiction.” Most of my works are inspired by my own life and childhood. I try to write fiction impartially but, it ends up becoming a reflection of my thoughts at that point in life. I’ve noticed this in almost all of my works. It’s inevitable. It is also comforting because I can always be myself when I am writing.

5. Whats the best compliment that youve ever received about your writing?

Somebody once told me that my work inspired them to write a book of their own. I thought that was really sweet.

6. What has been your greatest moment as a writer so far?

There is no one moment that I can think of. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning process. I have particularly enjoyed learning about marketing, formatting and planning. Self publishing my book has help me become more independent as a writer and marketer. It’s a constant learning process.

7. Where do you get your covers?

I make them myself. I use Canva to make covers most of the time. It’s a really good website. I love the quality of their graphics.

8. What is a subject/character/setting you would like to tackle?

Hmmm…there are so many. I have three works in the pipeline, one chick lit novel, one mystery novel and one science fiction novel. I would love to write non-fiction. I love reading self help and reference books. I’ve been thinking about it for some time now.

9. What is next for you?

As I said earlier, I am publishing my first collection of short stories in late October. I am also in the process of serializing my chick lit novel on my blog. I am also writing a science fiction novel. There’s a lot my readers can look forward to next year.

10. End with a favorite quote:

I can think of one off the top of my mind:

‘Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work.’ - Albert Einstein

Buy a copy of Into the Light here!


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