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Avengers v.s E.G.G Part 3: Over Easy (E.G.G Episode 16)

Updated on November 14, 2014



Previously, on Avengers v.s E.G.G...

Josh engaged the Avenger in Porter Park, refusing Iron Man's ultimatum to shut down. The battle was hard fought, but in the end, there were injuries on both sides as Josh and Iron Man accidentally cratered Porter Park. E.G.G was chased off by the Hulk, and went to tend to their wounds, while Iron Man convinced Captain America that there was only one way this would end. E.G.G had to be stopped. Tonight.

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E.G.G Episode 16

Avengers v.s E.G.G

Part 3

-Over Easy-

"Standing on the deck were Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America."
"Standing on the deck were Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America."

Josh stood in the Inner Shell, looking out the window into the evening clouds. Allyson walked up next to him. She looked out the window.

“They’re coming, aren’t they?” She asked.

“Yep.” Josh replied. Allyson took a deep breath. “Are you scared?”

“No.” She answered. “I just… What do they want from us?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. We turn over E.G.G, but then what happens to us? We relocate, they find us, the process goes on. We can’t win. And the sad thing? Nick Fury can end this with one word. But he’s choosing not to.” Suddenly there was a flash of lightning within the clouds. Allyson jumped.

“Where’s this coming from?” She asked.

“You mean who.” She looked to see dozens of lights and a giant shadow within the clouds. Then it appeared. The S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier was floating directly in front of Mother Egg. Standing on the deck were Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

“Oh no…” Allyson whispered.

“Let’s end this.” Josh said. He turned and began to walk down a hall, followed closely by Allyson. Acacia turned the corner and rushed up to Josh.

“Um, hey Josh,” she said. “I saw the Helicarrier outside of my window. I’m dreaming right?”

“Unfortunately, no.” Josh said.

“Then we’re really in for it.” Eileen said, rounding the corner with Julian.

“Your arm’s in a sling.” Josh said.

“Never stopped me before.” Eileen responded.

“I’m actually still gettin’ burn treatments,” Julian said. “I should sit this one out.”

“You should.” Eileen said. Julian looked at her.

“Say what?”

“You’re clearly hurt. You should sit this one out.”

“Oh,” he said.

“What’s the problem?”

“Nothing, it’s just, weird hearin’ you agree with me. Thanks rainbow eyes.” Julian turned and went back down the hall.

“Becket’s still out.” Eileen said.

“Then it’s just us.” Josh replied. They walked to the end of the hall. Josh opened the door and the wind from outside gushed in. Josh pressed a button on the wall, and a bridge extended from the foot of the doorway to the Helicarrier. Eileen and Acacia walked out onto it. Allyson began to follow but Josh stopped her.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Nothing,” Josh said. “Allyson, you’ve gained my trust and my respect. And now I need you to do something for me.”


“We might not make it back…”

“I’m prepared to take that risk.”

“That’s the thing, I don’t want you to.”

“But Director…”

“Allyson, we may not make it, but E.G.G needs to live on. They need a leader to rally behind. Someone with compassion, someone with strength, and I believe you can be that person.”

“You want me to lead E.G.G?”

“I know you have what it takes.”

“But Director Westbrook I… This is such a… big responsibility.”

“Well great power normally does come with great responsibility. But you won’t be alone. Make Julian your second in command and Agent Becket your captain. You three will lead a new generation of E.G.G.” Allyson stood, shocked. Then she shook her head.

“I won’t do it.” She said. Josh paused.

“Why not?”

“Because I know you’re going to make it back.” Josh smiled.

“Thank you for your faith Allyson, and goodbye.”

“Goodbye Director Westbrook.”

“Please, call me Josh.” Allyson smiled, and the door between them slid shut. Josh turned to Acacia and Eileen.

“What was that about?” Acacia asked.

“Hopefully nothing at all.” Josh replied. They walked across the bridge onto the Helicarrier. Josh stood face to face with Iron Man. Acacia faced Thor and Eileen faced Captain America. Thunder and lightning clapped. Rain fell from the sky.

“We’ve switched management.” Iron Man said, staring through his emotionless faceplate. “I’m calling the shots now.”

“Do your worst Stark.” Josh said. Iron Man raised his hand, and his repulsor glove lit up.

“One. More. Chance.” He said. Josh stood proud, and stared directly at Iron Man. Iron Man sighed. “Your loss.” Just as he fired, Josh kicked his hand towards Thor.

“Ah!” Thor shouted, as he was launched off of the edge of the Helicarrier. Josh then quickly planted a device on Iron Man’s shoulder and ran.

“What the?” Iron Man asked, but soon his armor began to short circuit. “Gah, EMP!” The lights on Iron Man’s eyes and chest went out as he fell to the ground.

“Tony!” Captain America shouted. He began to run to his aid, but Eileen punched him across the face with her good arm. Captain America fell to the ground, his shield sliding next to him. “Big… mistake.” He said, picking it up. Josh, Acacia, and Eileen all surrounded him. “Really big mistake.”

Josh's Threat Assessment on Captain America

* * *

On Mother Egg, Allyson anxiously watched the battle unfold in the deck of the Helicarrier. Agent Becket approached her from behind with an ice pack on his head.

“What’d I miss?” He asked.

“Josh, Eileen, Acacia…” Allyson said. “They all went to face the Avengers.”

“What!” Agent Becket shouted. “What happens if they don’t make it?” Allyson looked at him.

“I’ll tell you if that happens.” Suddenly she heard a noise. She turned to see four grenades roll into the Inner Shell. “Grenades!” She shouted, but too late. They all went off, in a massive explosion that sent agents flying this way and that. Allyson sat up, injured and coughing. She activated her earpiece. “The Avengers have breached Mother Egg! I repeat, we have Avengers inside of Mother Egg!”

“No you don’t.” Allyson looked up to see Julian walk through the smoke. “You just got me.”

“Julian?” She asked. “I don’t understand, you’re on our side!”

“Now tell me why in my right mind I would join you eggheads.” Julian said. He stood up and walked over to the control panel.

“Julian, don’t do this.” Allyson begged. “You’re an agent of E.G.G.” Julian took out a glove with fingerprints on the tips. He scanned it on a scan pad, and that opened a hatch on the control panel. Under it was a button that read self-destruct. Allyson’s eyes widened. “No, no, you can’t!”

“Sorry,” Julian said. “But in the end, I’m an agent of Doom.” He raised his hand.

“Please…” Allyson said. Julian was about to press the button, but stopped. He stopped for a moment. He remembered. How Josh trusted him. How Acacia and Eileen had been getting used to him. The first day on board, when he and Eileen apologized to each other. He paused, just long enough for Allyson to get to her feet and tackle Julian to the ground. “I won’t let you destroy my home!” She shouted, punching him multiple times. Julian had his arms up, blocking her punches. Then he brought his head up and head-butted her. Allyson held her head and rolled off of Julian.

“It’s not really your call!” Julian shouted, kicking her in the stomach. Allyson screamed in pain, and Julian kicked her again, and again, and again, harder each time.

“Leave her alone!” Shouted Agent Becket, whacking him upside the head with a fighting stick. Julian stumbled forward and turned to Agent Becket, who pressed a button and extended the fighting stick into a bow staff.

“You done messed up in all sorts a ways right now.” Julian said, rolling his fists. Agent Becket spun his staff.

“Bring it.” He said.

* * *

On the Helicarrier, Captain America had engaged the three friends in combat. He grabbed Josh’s fist, punched Eileen in her hurt arm, then kicked Acacia in the leg, causing her to fall. He twisted with Josh and threw him into Eileen, knocking both of them on top of Acacia. At that moment, Thor flew up, the thunder and lightning now more violent with his increased rage.

“I shall smite you for that.” He growled. He held Mjolnir to the sky and began to gather lightning on it.

“No!” Josh shouted. He tumbled forward and took out his Thwip Blaster, launching a net at Thor’s eyes, which blinded him.

“What villainy is this!” He shouted, swinging his hammer wildly. Captain America threw his shield and it hit Josh in the back, along with a loud cracking noise.

“Aaaahhhh!!!” Josh shouted, holding his back as he fell to the ground.

“Josh!” Acacia and Eileen shouted simultaneously. Acacia got up and was rushing over, when Iron Man’s suit rebooted. Angered, he immediately got up, aimed, and fired his repulsor on Acacia.

“Gah!” Acacia screamed, as she was launched across the Helicarrier. Eileen stood up.

“I’ve had enough!” She shouted. She held out her hand at Iron Man, and he stopped. He began to turn his arm towards Captain America.

“Tony, what are you doing?” He asked, backing up.

“I’m not doing this!” He shouted. “Jarvis!”

“Sir, Agent Wuthrich is using Extremis to control your armor.” Jarvis replied.

“I have Extremis too! Fight back!” Iron Man unwillingly aimed his hand at Captain America and fired a repulsor blast. Cap blocked with his shield, but Eileen kept it coming, and forced Iron Man to begin moving in.

“Her dose is more concentrated sir,” Jarvis said. “She can easily overpower you.”

“Fight it Tony!” Cap shouted.

“I… can’t…” Iron Man said. He raised his other hand and fired both repulsor blasters at Captain America. Cap braced his shield with both hands.

“Tony…” He growled under the strain. Eileen stared angrily. Her eyes began to turn red. Captain America fell to his knees. Iron Man’s chest light began to power up. Eileen was about to have him fire the Unibeam when she heard a battle cry.

“Have at thee!” Thor shouted, flying at her with full force. Eileen growled, and using her other hand, blasted Thor with lightning. Thor stopped midair from the impact, but then began to absorb it in his hammer. “Foolish girl!” He shouted. “You dare to use the elements against the God of Thunder!” With that, he threw Mjolnir straight into Eileen. Eileen screamed as she slammed into the ground. Her eyes turned back to their normal green and blue, and she fell, unconscious. Iron Man rolled his arms around.

“I’m in control again.” He said. “That girl has Extremis in her. This is much worse than I thought. She’s too dangerous to be kept alive.”

“After Agent Mallen,” Captain America said. “I have to agree Tony. He was more monster than man.”

“Shall I obliterate her?” Thor asked.

“No,” Captain America said. “We’ll be civil about it. Lethal injection. It’s the only way to ensure…”

“No!” All three of them turned to see Josh on the ground, weakly aiming his gun at them. “I won’t let you hurt her.” Acacia limped over next to Josh and drew her gun.

“Neither will I.” She said. Captain America looked at Iron Man.

“I’m sorry,” Iron Man said. “But the last person pumped on this stuff didn’t end too well, and neither will she. Maybe it’ll teach you not to mess with things that don’t belong to you.” His repulsor lit up.

“Stop!” He looked to see Black Widow slowly walk out on crutches, Hawkeye not far behind her. “Fury says let them go. All of them.”

“Why would he say that?” Iron Man asked.

“Don’t question his reasons, just do what he says.” Black Widow replied.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I don’t exactly like to blindly follow Fury’s orders.”

“You want to know why Stark?” Hawkeye asked.

“Clint, no…” Black Widow objected.

“Nat, there a time to follow orders, and there’s a time to tell the truth.” He said. “And this has already gone too far. Fury want’s them spared because they’re sanctioned by S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Josh's Threat Assessment on Iron Man

* * *

On Mother Egg, Julian and Agent Becket were locked in combat. Agent Becket hit Julian multiple times with his staff. Julian blocked what he could but took the worst of each hit.

“You betrayed everybody!” Agent Becket shouted. “You betrayed Director Westbrook!” He smacked Julian in the head. “You betrayed Commander Wuthrich!” He slammed the staff into Julian’s kneecap. “You betrayed Captain Blanco!” He jammed it into Julian’s gut. “And you betrayed E.G.G!” He spun around and whacked Julian with all his might, causing him to fall to the ground. Julian lay there, breathing hard.

“You got…” He panted. “A lotta fight in you kid… I respect that.” Julian stood up, Agent Becket had the staff aimed directly at him. Julian looked around, then sighed. He took out a small pellet. “And you’re right. I went turncoat. Now I see, it may not have been the best choice.”

“Then help me get all these agents healed up, especially Allyson!” Julian shook his head.

“Nah man,” he said. “If I’m still around when Josh gets back…”

“He’ll forgive you,” Agent Becket said. “I know he will.” Julian smiled.

“Tell him I said sorry. And tell him Doom’s making his move, soon.” Julian paused. “And tell him that when he does, I’ll be an agent of E.G.G.” Julian threw down the pellet. In a puff of smoke, he was gone. Agent Becket retracted the staff, then went to help the others.

* * *

“Did you hear that!” Josh shouted. “Hawkeye just said it!”

“It’s all kind of hard to swallow…” Iron Man said.

“Yeah?” Josh asked. “Then tell me how found us. I guarantee you it had something to do with Nick Fury or S.H.I.E.L.D!” Iron Man paused. A compartment in his armor opened and he pulled out the file he had found on his desk days ago.

“This,” he said, sliding it over. Acacia grabbed it.

“It has the shelling S.H.I.E.L.D logo on it!” She yelled.

“After Fury claimed he’d never seen it, I figured it was forged.” He said.

“Josh what is this?” Acacia asked, kneeling down and handing it to him. Josh opened it to see designs and schematics for the Repulsor Blaster, the Bamf Vest, and the Cosmic Gauntlet. Also, an exact location for Mother Egg. His eyes widened.

“This is mine.” He said. “Months ago, when E.G.G started, I went to Stark Industries! Your secretary, red head?”

“Pepper.” Iron Man said.

“Yeah, she’s the one!” Josh replied. “She told me to wait in your office, that you’d be there soon. But you got caught up as Iron Man and never came. I must have sat the file down on your desk and left without it, because I remember telling Fury I lost the designs! That’s when he started sending them digitally.”

“Oaky, wait, why were you at Stark Industries?” Iron Man asked.

“Because I wanted to form a merger. With your brain, tech, and financial support, I thought E.G.G could be bigger, better than I had dreamed.”

“So…” Iron Man’s faceplate lifted, revealing his face. “You weren’t keeping it a secret. You were going to tell me after all.”

“Yeah, I was.” Josh dropped the file. “All of this, it’s my fault. I left the file on the desk, and I never went back to Stark Industries.” He looked around. “Porter Park, everyone that got hurt, all of this damage, it’s on me…”

“Actually, it’s on me.” Everyone looked to see Director Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D approaching them. “I take the blame. I should have been square with you Stark, and Director Westbrook.” Fury held out his hand. “I sold you out. Put you in danger. Thought relocating you would solve the problem, but I never figured you loved that hunk of metal so much. And for that, I’m sorry.” Josh took his hand, and Nick Fury helped him to his feet.

“You’ve got a lot to answer for Fury.” Tony growled.

“I know.” He said. “And I’m ready. We’ll discuss it inside. For now, I think it’s best if everyone disassembled.” Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor all walked to Josh and Acacia.

“Truly, you eggs are valiant warriors!” Thor said, patting Acacia on the back.

“Thank you!” Acacia beamed.

“Soldiers of your time.” Captain America said, shaking Josh’s hands. Iron Man laid Eileen in Josh’s arms.

“I guess I owe you an apology.” He said.

“It’s alright Stark.” Josh said. “But if you feel that bad about it… I think a cool million should smooth things over…”

“Consider it done.” Iron Man said.

“Wait, really?”

“Least I can do.” The three Avengers walked into the Helicarrier. Black Widow approached.

“When she wakes up,” she said. “Tell her I’m sorry.”

“I will.” Josh said.

“You can also tell her I want a rematch. No powers.” Josh smiled.

“You got it.” She and Hawkeye left. Nick Fury patted Josh’s shoulder.

“Go home.” He said. “Get some rest. You guys deserve it.”

“Thanks Fury.” Josh said. He began to walk back.

“Sorry I yelled at you sir!” Acacia shouted. Fury smiled.

“Just never do it again and we’ll call it even.” Acacia saluted in confirmation. Josh and Acacia walked back across the bridge into Mother Egg.

“Well, that was something.” Acacia said. She took a deep breath. “Good to be home.”

“Tell me about it.” Josh said. He walked into Eileen’s room and laid her on her bed. Acacia looked at her.

“I didn’t mean to…” She said.

“Mean to what?” Josh asked.

“Give her powers. I was just trying to save her life.”

“I know.” Josh patted her back. “And you did.” Acacia smiled.

“Well, goodnight.”

“Goodnight Acacia.” She and Josh left the room. Josh walked into the Inner Shell. He saw the burn marks on the floor and agents recuperating from an attack. His eyes widened. “What happened?”

“Josh.” Allyson approached him, bruised from her fight. “I’m glad you’re okay.”

“You’re not!” He noticed. “Allyson, what happened?” He looked around. “And where’s Julian?” She looked at the ground. And right there, Josh knew. “Well, that’s a shame.”

“So it’s over?” Allyson asked. Josh looked out the window at the departing Helicarrier.

“Yeah,” he said, putting his arm around her. “It’s over.”

The End

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