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Updated on December 31, 2011

Lord THANK YOU, that the battle is not ours, but Yours. Thank You for fighting for us, because we are well aware that there are battles we cannot fight. In Jesu

WOMEN stop putting your "TRUST" in these men and solely DEPEND ON THE LORD!!
It's great if you are an independent woman when it comes to dealing with an everyday MAN; however you must be totally DEPENDENT on God. As with God, a man's word is his BOND. The difference however is GOD'S WORD is true and has upheld throughout time. A man's word totally depends on his commitment to any given situation including you. The one thing to remember is this; man is no longer what God intended for him to be such as an provider, loyal and committed to one woman (family). Most men have become lovers of themselves and you (women) are merely a means of ejaculation. For some reason you believe IF this man so happens to marry you things will change. IT WON'T! If anything he will become worst. If he's putting himself first now, he going to continue to do so. Trust me, I HAVE BEEN THERE. What I have learned is invaluable:'s a must you KEEP YOUR MOUTH AND LEGS CLOSED. I say this because if you brag about your independence and are willing to open your legs without him doing so much as lifting a finger. YOU ARE ASSED OUT! Men are like sponges, they absorb every thing you say or do. For instance, if you are one of those chicks who is proud that you don't need a man for anything; when your car breaks down....who will you call(1) Your man, (2) The Lord, or (3) Your bank? DEPENDENCE on God would cover all three: (a) The Lord will show you mercy, (b) The God sent man will do what GOD expects of him to do for his mate: QUICKLY Tow, Pay for repairs and ensure the future maintenance of vehicle. His role in the HOUSEHOLD: Pay bills, provide love and comfort, be an pillar of strength, less lip and a whole lot of dip. It's simple ladies, OPEN YOUR EYES. Either get off the pot or remain and remove the from your system. I'm tired of I love him and he loves me....BUT! There is no BUT, when it comes to true love. However there is a BUTT when it comes to false love and it's YOU. True love will look after you even if you don't need it. True love will do anything to make and keep you smiling. True love comes WITHOUT conditions because it's UNCONDITIONAL. True love would rather suffer than watch you suffer. True love closes all past relationship doors and only make room for you. True love is more peace and not MOSTLY anguish. NEED I SAY MORE? Stop settling for any love and wait for true love. Your independence would not be an necessity; but an luxury. Your questions will be replaced by TRUTH. Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Snow White are all fables of Disney. Stop kissing all the frogs praying they will become a Prince. This New Year 2012 don't just make resolutions but be the SOLUTION. Nip it in the butt!! STOP NEGOTIATING ON A BLANK CHECK WITH NO EVIDENCE OF AN ACTIVE ACCOUNT!! ie; an willingness to step outside of himself long enough to ensure his reliability and love FOR you.

Reflect on the results of commitments made at earlier times in your life. Before the clock strikes 12 am clean house physically and spiritually. Take the time to reflect on the blessed accomplishments ONLY allowed to you by God and NOT your man. Recognize the injustice in your relationship, among people and seek to redress issues experienced by the mentally and physically abused (YOU). 2012 and BEYOND commit yourself to pathways that give meaning and direction in your life. It's time to get off this me and my man tip and be inspired to respond for your mission in this life according to GOD. Regardless of our genders or our economic, political and social standings our duty is foremost to the Lord's agenda. This is your path to greatness; not money, fame, or all other credentials. You cannot acheive anything without the blessing of GOD. Are you looking at the back of Jesus or is He looking at your back? Don't get it twisted: (a) follower or (b) abandoned, your choice. GET WITH THE PROGRAM!! Your part in the play is coming soon and your attendance is definitely REQUIRED.

Faithfulness and loyalty in our relationships determine our behavior in DIFFICULT situations. Complete faith of others depends on their integrity and our faith in and loyalty to GOD. We all must have an commitment to and proper understanding of our professional responsibilities, our personal relationships, our public and private rights and our personal righteousness. UNFORTUNATELY, we take so lightly and think so casually and flippantly about our relationship with God as opposed to the special people in our lives, not realizing GOD is the value of fidelity in all of our relationships. We get so caught up with loving and being loved by men that we lose our proper sense of self and value of what it means to be GODLY. Your man may make you feel great; but trust he's just an pivot to your path of greatness. I say this because in this day and time there is great suffering women endure just to be with a man and through suffering comes deliverance from pain with self awareness (greatness). With women being creatures of great pride suffering must come to us. Pride must be purged in order for faith to be fortified and humility to be harnessed. TO BE "GREAT" IS TO BE HUMBLED!

Either you can submit or he will remove everything and everyone for your submission to him. ONLY through GOD cometh your HELP in all times. You must submit not to the love of man; but the love for God in order to be positioned for His ultimate "Purpose" for your life. Man is not your destiny; but your doom. We all suffer injustice; but should take comfort in knowing the LORD is on our side. We can certainly affirm that what is intended for evil GOD will use for good. It is through our bad times that GOD is with us and will not let any weapon formed against to prosper as long as we rely and depend on HIM. Man has his limits. GOD makes all things possible; even a good man.


Copyright 2011. All rights reserved to PFP.


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