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Baby Boy 2013

Updated on September 19, 2014

My dearest big sister,

You’re having your first baby! Thank God your first is a boy!

You don’t have to worry about older sisters putting barrettes in his before you take him to meet a friend for lunch.

You don’t have to worry about him playing with girlie Barbie dolls; I’m sure his dad won’t allow that anyhow!

He is going to be so cute no one will try to sell him at your garage sales, or even try to give him away for free to customers!

You will have to worry about him spending too much time with his Uncle Cody and learning to be a bad boy!

You will want to keep him away from his klutzy Aunt Kristen for it could wear off on him!

You will have to be careful of his grandmas they always cross their fingers when they promise not to spoil ‘em even the great ones!

You will wonder if you’re the one giving him his first chocolate chip cookie or if Grandma Diane already has!

You will worry if he’s watching too much sports on TV with his father.

You will worry from the moment he’s brought home on.

You will worry a lot about him as he grows.

As mom likes to remind us we are never too old for her to worry about her children, because she’ll love and care for us forever!

Most of all my dear he’s going to be a blessing, but hey, it’s never too early to start to worry!


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