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The Conversation

Updated on June 30, 2015

Barbra has been married for five years and the day she married was her happiest day like every other woman, her desire was to bring fort a bouncing baby into the world but sometimes our desire becomes our nightmare as all effort to conceive hit nothing but a barren womb according to her mother in-law.

Her beloved husband stood by her and always assured her that if God could do it for Abraham and Sarah then who are they but as a woman, she felt that she wore the shoe and not her husband because of the frequent attack by his family especially his mother whose only desire was for a grand child from her only son.

Barbra was introduced to Pastor Leo and after series of prayer,night vigil and consultation, the unexpected happened. Barbra was shocked and so was everyone because if it had been someone else, it would have been understood but it was him, a man trusted by many.

The conversation:

Pastor Leo: Sister Barbra, its been three months since you started worshipping with us and i want to tell you right now that God has something for you, he has remembered you, your tears has turned to glory in the spiritual but you must act so that it can manifest in the physical.

Barbra: I will do anything Pastor for it to manifest.

Pastor Leo: This is not unusual but for you to conceive, you need the Angel to visit you the way it visited Mary, you need a holy touch because you are about to bring a special child into the world.

Barbra: How will i know when the Angel visit me? Will i hear a voice or see the Angel?

Pastor Leo: Go into my office right now, there is a band on the table, undress yourself then fold your eyes with the band and say this; "Here i am my lord". Then wait a while, the Angel will manifest.

Barbra: How do you mean Pastor?

Pastor Leo: The Angel will work on your body,anything it does to you is holy, you need holy surgery,holy kisses and holy romance.

Barbra: Pastor, i don't understand, do you mean that the Angel will have sex with me?

Pastor Leo: If it is the will of God, who are we to object? You see, your womb is tied in the spiritual by forces greater than you so you need holy sperm to destroy what the devil has planted inside you.

Barbra: Pastor, Pastor, Pastor, how many times did i call you? The world must hear this, so you want to sleep with me, you invited me here today knowing that nobody will be here to deceive me and sleep with me.

Pastor Leo: He that is in me is greater than he that is in you, i invited you here today because i got a clear message to solve your problem, trust and obey sister Barbra for there is no other way to be a happy mother than to trust and obey.

Imagine the rest of the story

Are Women in search of fruit of the womb most likely to fall prey to fake Pastors?

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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 2 years ago from Biafra

      Thanks JanikaLeeReyes, appreciate your time...

    • profile image

      JanikaLeeReyes 2 years ago

      wicked sad.

      once someone told me my husband and i need to accept god in our lives and go to church so we can conceive.

      we never went and I've never been pregnant.