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Bathed In Pure Words: Finding Creative Inspiration and Your Unique Voice as a Writer or Poet

Updated on May 17, 2013

Your Style is your 0footprint.

Walk this way.
Walk this way.

An Exercise In Creativity.

Bathed In Pure Words, is explained within the unique writing development technique outlined here. The author has used this technique to help find the right words for many of the works that he has penned. This unique exercise in creativity may well be exactly what you need to find your creative inspiration, along with your unique voice as a writer or poet.

Good luck with this. Writing to me means many things as I find that I am inspired to write about all those issues that others struggle with. As such, I feel obligated to write well and thus do justice to those issues. I have found that it is very important to not be afraid of the words that you hope will reach your audience. For me, I have found that visualizing the following helps to ensure that the appropriate words flow and the inappropriate words sink. Consider this:

You are laying in a warm bath of words. You push the surface and create a wave, sending it to the most distant edge of the tub. You watch it rise up and use all its energy to retain its momentum, in an effort to roll back to you. You create another series of new waves to meet the original wave, head on and thus restrict its ability to get back to you.

The new waves have no loyalty to you and race eagerly to merge with the rest, splashing in a violent liquid movement called backwash. Yet this is an act of joining together in a completely submissive manner, unrepentantly and in such fluid energy the waves join to create their powerful representation. You are witnessing the total immersion of waves, into more powerful waves and as such, you are able to witness something far more creative than wet walls! If you consider that the process of creative writing is one that requires the forming of powerful sentences and using them to carry your audience along with that energy, then try this creative method of gaining flow.

You will find that pure words really do enjoy rough seas and creativity, searching always, as water does, for the path of least resistance. May they find that pathway within the fabric of your heart and writing style.

Copyright © 2011 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved.

Never force rhyme - Let the words fall where they may.

Uniqueness can be found in the simplest things in life.  We identify that by how uniquely those things are presented to us.
Uniqueness can be found in the simplest things in life. We identify that by how uniquely those things are presented to us. | Source

Seeking the Flow found in Waves.

Wash over us.
Wash over us. | Source
Swirling eddies.
Swirling eddies. | Source

When Inspiration Is:

‘Bathed In Pure Words’

When bathed in words

I am inspired to be great

But not among ad clicking pawns

And hollow obsessive scribblers

Or among keyword stuffers

And irrelevant copy and pasters

But amongst, competent scribes

Amongst, all that I can ever hope to find

Within the relaxing, creative, rising steam

Like that, so eloquently blessing

The warm waters of my bath


Commercial greed does not seduce me

Into compromising warm rising bubbles

Or my skills, to face any subject head on

And cocoon highly elusive emotions

Within multiple, graphically visual thoughts

Typed on barren page-like landscapes

And so verbally build; an oasis of hope

On why one should buy things unknown to me

Or on the virtues of irrelevant plastic toys

For people with busy, virtual lives online

Or to be search engine friendly and ranked

Among nocturnal emissions, gizmos or soap


Oh to be so inspired, by uncommon cents

I would need to part with my creative bath

And each day, remind myself that I must

Install a shower, so I can think like a buyer

And study click values, on empty, bland days

And I’ll save on water, the wise ones say

But for now, a drawn bath beacons me

So I may splash and soak and think

Inspired by great words that I see

Found here, great words just come to me

Inspired to be, bathed in warm waters

In sync and eloquently blessed


I am thus inspired to be, a poet, a writer

Convincing others to enjoy my naked mind

Creating masterpieces, in swirling eddies

Immersed within this liquid sea of verse

Each splashed wave, forming great words

Proudly carried by all the rest

With no singular loyalty to any bard

Yet they merge in backwash sentences

Returning magically across this warm sea

Back to me, almost submissively

So I may be, so inspired you see

Creativity demands to be shown at its best

With heart and pride, its very essence to be

Created uniquely, even stylishly

Pure words, eloquently blessed.


(No verbs were damaged or lost at sea during this warm and wet experience!)

* Words by Pearldiver *

Copyright © 2011 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved.

Returning magically across this warm sea. Back to me.

Pelican dance.
Pelican dance. | Source

Your Uniqueness is Your True Net Worth.

Now before you decide that I am attempting to put down those who choose to write advertising content or articles, or product reviews, as opposed to writing poetry or creative writing; I am not. The points that I make within this article are points that should be taken with this in mind: Great writing is all about writing great content. It takes great attitude, focus and commitment to become a great writer.

Great commercial writers can bring a product review to life, as well as a they can probably do so in a general writing sense. Great creative writing comes from within, in fact, some commercial creativity in many respects requires a far deeper understanding, as one must apply commercial savvy and strategy to the equation. Article spinning, in my view tends to highlight an inability to be a great writer. As a writer do explore your talents with an open mind, as ultimately you must develop your voice. Once you have, remember that your uniqueness in whatever chosen writing genre, is your true net worth. Good Luck.

Copyright © 2011 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved.

Think about it... What do YOU want to say?


Learning how to Write Well.

Thank you for reading this work. Find your voice - yell loudly!

Stumbling in the Dark.
Stumbling in the Dark. | Source

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