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Becoming A Better Writer

Updated on March 5, 2014
Writing is not a hard thing to do.  It is highly dependent on your style of communicating that makes all the difference. There is always room for improvement in your writing skills .Just by following few simple steps you can become a better writer.
Writing is not a hard thing to do. It is highly dependent on your style of communicating that makes all the difference. There is always room for improvement in your writing skills .Just by following few simple steps you can become a better writer. | Source

The significance of writing in the world of today has increased much. Day by day, more people have started to realize the vitality of proper writing skills. Living in a world of social media where the importance of blogs and other social networking websites the stress on good writing has definitely increased. Now, we see more people writing and expressing themselves through blogs, articles, and the social networking sites on the web.

However, if one wishes to write properly and communicate in a better way, we have to think about the necessary things that can help a person generate ideas and convey them suitably. For that matter, some of the very essential guidelines that can be helpful in becoming a better writer are discussed below.


Following a proper schedule and organizing yourself is very vital in becoming a better writer. My personal experience shows that my more than half of the worries get resolved if I make myself organized and follow a certain routine of work. Therefore in order to become a better writer, one has to find the most suitable time of the day during which you can sit down, write, and think creatively.


One of the major tasks is to look for the subject on which you should write. Similar to most writers, I also find it difficult to come up with a useful topic that can generate interest for the readers and the followers as well.
For that matter the better remedy is to look around on the things that interest you ,things that bother you, or things that you think need to be addressed .Such observations serve as key points which can help to come up with an idea of writing. All in all, brainstorming is something which you need to do.


For most of the writers, there is always an underlying fear or an anticipation that how the writing will be taken by reader. With this feeling in mind, writers write consciously and hence cannot present a well knit piece of writing that can establish a connection between them and their reader.

However, the most desirable thing in becoming a better writer is to get rid of the writing fear. It is better to write with confidence, without being conscious about the approval or disapproval of the readers. The confidence in writing comes from how much you trust in your own writing abilities. If you are well aware of the writing basics which include perfect grammar, spelling errors etc. then I am sure the art of writing is not difficult to handle or improve. Getting rid of the underlying fear is important and it must be addressed to make a mark in your writing endeavours.


When you write, write with pure concentration and try to avoid the distractions. For that matter you have to adjust your schedule or choose that time of the day when you can concentrate wholly solely on the task of writing. Do not check e-mails, browse online, and avoid any work that can distract you from your task of writing at hand. People working from home or are free lance writers face much of this problem called “distraction”. Therefore, one must choose a particular time when you can only write without any disturbance, with pure focus, and great concentration.


In order to write something better and readable, a good writing should reveal a better organization of thoughts. Your true feelings, opinions, and ideas should be reflected in your writing in the most coherent way. This way, a reader can truly enjoy the masterpiece which you create.

For that matter, the very first thing you must do is to make an outline, a rough draft of whatever you plan to write about. Arrange the points that you make according to their significance and priority. The starting i.e., the introduction and ending, which is conclusion of an essay, article, blog or whatever you are writing should be strong. Try to be specific. Most of the readers don’t like just mere ramblings and vague writing pieces. Making rough drafts not only help in organizing the thoughts, but also make the mind more clear regarding the subject and things which should be discussed or not.

For becoming a better writer one must read and write more.This helps in getting rid of writing inhibitions but also builds up confidence in your writing skills to a  greater extent.
For becoming a better writer one must read and write more.This helps in getting rid of writing inhibitions but also builds up confidence in your writing skills to a greater extent. | Source


After completing your writing, editing is one of the most major and important steps. At this point, you need to re-read what you have written, eliminate all grammatical and spell errors. Concentrate on the style and overall organization of thoughts .You can add points that you have missed or anything which you think will help improve your work.

Another vital thing that can be done is to give yourself a time break. This break can be of few hours or can go up to days.The break between writing and revising hours is very helpful. This practice enables a writer to spot the errors which are missed before.


In becoming a good writer, a large amount of patience and effort is required. A writer must follow a certain routine of work by continuing writing, placing the fears, and inhibitions aside and learning what the readers want. A writer has to discover features that can help build up the writing on more professional and skilful level. A good writer has to remain open to change and accept whatever good he thinks can polish up his writing skills. Perseverance is something that is very significant in establishing oneself as a good writer.


Apart from everything else, it is always better to enhance your knowledge about the things around you. Read as many books as you want. From newspapers to browsing online or whatever that may interest a writer and can help build up knowledge is vital. The habit of good reading gives an extra advantage of enhancing your vocabulary. The writing style improves up to a great extent if a writer learns to distinguish between a good and bad writing.

The writing skills are improved through constant adjustments, practice, and training yourself. In order to become a better writer , you have to free yourself from all the inhibitions and writing fears which lie buried in you. The personal persistent efforts to improve in becoming a better writer are very much required. Only then a writer can ensure a good written masterpiece, worth reading for.

All the best in your writing endeavors!!!


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