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Behind the Scenes of a Novel -Day 20

Updated on November 1, 2012

When the Pages are Blank

 A good place to start
A good place to start

Off to a Running Start

I signed up for National Novel Writing Month=NaNoWriMo=NaNo for November. The good thing is it forces me to write if I hope to get in 50,000 words. It also meant I could continue with my Behind the Scenes series here. But you know what they say about the best laid plans...

I uploaded what was written in my novel a total of 12, 527 words. Then I set to work writing Chapter 7. Brad was driving away after an evening with Dani, Macy, and Eli. Questioning himself and his relationship with Dani. Dani on the other hand was wishing Brad would have stayed and questions whether or not they can make it as a couple. All was humming right along. I decided I needed a break and was going to upload what I'd written and run some errands.

I highlighted all and hit cut not copy. Then the NaNo site was down for maintenance so I decided I'd just save it and upload later. I closed the page in word. It ask me to save and I clicked yes. Then it asked if I wanted to save what was on the clipboard. I said no. Oh oops!!!! The entire novel was now wiped from my flash drive. Something I did not discover until I came back to it after running my errands.

Not to worry or so I believed. It's also on my computer., it's not. I have the first two chapters with all the edits from when I was writing it as a short story. I can find the first two chapters and the short story ending. Not sure it will even be the ending at this point. What was I thinking?????

I was in a hurry and not paying attention. From now on the book will be on my laptop, in my dropbox, and on a flash drive. What makes me just sick is I have to recreate four and a half chapters. My only hope is that maybe the tech geeks at NaNo will have pity on me and be able to retrieve what I have up loaded. If not, well back to my notes on here and square one.

I hate having to piece together the thread I was working on. I knew what has happening and where my characters were headed. Now I have to pick them up at the beginning and help them find their way back to where they should be. Can I recreate them as I had before? Will it be as interesting? Will I lose something or forget something key?

Plagued by self-doubt and frustration, I have put the book away until morning. I am hoping with a good night's sleep and fresh eyes I will be up to tackling the manuscript again. I at least have my hubs to use as a guide for where I was heading.

While this whole mess is an obstacle I had not planned on, it will only make me more careful in the future. It is not the first time I have lost a book. I was lucky the first time and it was stored on another computer and in hard copy. I believed by having my manuscripts on both the laptop and a flash drive would prevent this from happening again. Somehow I messed up and did not up load it to my laptop from my computer. Another malfunction I will soon rectify.

Happy writing....ugh.


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