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Behind the Scenes of a Novel-Day 4

Updated on November 11, 2012

Getting the Words down

Words on the page
Words on the page


Chapter three is complete. I need to think about how I want to approach chapter four. I recaptured the scene I'd lost. I think it might be better than what I first wrote. I may end up going back and adding more. I have to let it sit for a while before I do anything to it.

Sometimes I bounce a scene off a friend or family member. Sometimes I keep them to myself. I don't always want to explain the entire premise to someone. At this stage, my work is no where near ready for anyone to read.

When I get ready to review what I've written, I will go in and read it to see if I have used the word "that" in too many places. Sometimes I mistakenly use it instead of which. Other times it is a totally unnecessary word. I will replace contractions in description. Using them only in dialog. It makes the writing flow better. I will ask myself if what is written will make sense to a reader, someone not myself. Then I will forge on from there.

Some days I will get two or three chapters written. Other days I will struggle to get one done. I have even been known to leave in the middle of a chapter rather than fight with the words or characters.

Who Are the Characters in This Book?

I currently am working with the two main characters. Dani Montgomery who has inherited her grandparents' home and is doing remodeling as she sets up her law practice. She is blonde and feisty. Coming home has dredged up some memories for her.

Brad Stevens is the contractor Dani has hired to do the remodeling. They have a history. He's tall, dark haired and a hunk. Sparks fly between them. Their previous relationship was good but seemed to just fade away.

Can they recapture what they had and build something with a future? That's one of the themes running through the book.

Ella, the long time family housekeeper, adds a different dimension to the cast. She sees what is happening between Brad and Dani long before either of them do. She is known for muttering under her breath. This brings chuckles to both our main characters.

Dani made a discovery about the house when she was about twelve. Using that knowledge, Dani is going to embark on a new adventure. Will Brad go along with her? Will help or hinder her plans? All this will make for an exciting plot.

There is lost love, mystery, and intrigue. All that makes for tension and dynamics throughout the book. Of course, we are going to add it crimes. The nature of those crimes will remain my secret. I cannot tell you everything, you wouldn't need to buy the book then.

Macy McVannel will make an appearance or two as one of Dani's college friends and as a police officer. Again it adds another dimension to the story. All good novels have layers and layers of substory and tension. How the characters interact with each other also adds dimension.

The goal is to have believable characters. Characters who could feasibly be real people. They are not perfect. They have flaws. They have fears, feelings, likes, and dislikes. You want your reader to love your protagonist and dislike your villain. That's how you keep your readers turning the pages. They want to know if things are going to work out or not. Does truth, justice, and the American way prevail or is there and issue that can't be resolved? These are things to keep in mind as you write and make progress on your novel.

Make your characters count.


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