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Being Depressed (A Poem About Depression)

Updated on May 15, 2017

Sometimes we feel alone

Sometimes all we want is to feel at home

Sometimes we just need someone’s company

Sometimes, simple things are enough to make us happy

If there is light, there will be darkness

A balance between happiness and sadness

Problems will be sure to come to you

It is normal so stop being afraid and panicking too

We shouldn’t always be expecting a rainbow

Stars requires darkness in order to glow

There are times that we are gloomy

It is okay if you’re not always happy

In times like this that sadness covers your world

It is okay to cry if there’s nothing more to hold

A little rest doesn’t mean you surrendered in battle

You just need some time to prepare very well

There are times we want to die

Most people ask us why

It’s hard for them to realize

That all you need is love and attention and not words from the wise

But don’t surrender my friend

Pain won’t be there in the end

Happiness is sure to replace it

So fight for life and walk with your feet

You don’t need to understand everything

Sometimes it’s good to trust your gut feeling

Just keep in mind that you can overcome every challenges thrown at you

It’s alright to feel some depression if something’s wrong with what you do

Being depress is normal nowadays

Support the people you care about with your own ways

Embrace them so at least they feel they’re not alone

Or ask them out to have some ice cream in a cone

In every part of life, challenges are expected

A bit of darkness doesn’t mean the world has ended

There will be good times up ahead

So hope’s up because you will get what you wanted

© 2017 Arjay


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