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Best Friend-Lost Soul

Updated on December 26, 2020
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Mired in a thicket of thieves,

a friend just wanting to be,

a friend.

Now not even the softest sullen breeze,

to calm the cold discomfort

rife red loneliness breeds.

A heavy hearted lament, fulfilled,


in this disenchanted encampment.

Blissful rapture waxes and wanes,

in seconds of hedonistic gain.

a warm eye in

A wicked writhing river black

guards the perimeter,

too strong an undercurrent to cross,


Stranded in eternal night,

praying for inklings of light,

such a grave loss.

In the camp they drink, sing,

and dance

telling tales of erotic, lustful romance,

and un-uttered violence

Not by chance,

a favor induced decadence

What is your pleasure?

Full to the brim, with secret disdain,

they entertain.

freely offering an open allowance

for an allegiance to a

chemical romance

that intercedes the brain

and floods the body with torrents

of blistering rain.

Loss of vision,

Deceptions gain.

The Chief of the tribe discovered

you had faith they couldn't shake,

with ancient chants,

nor promise of new Mantra for mantras' sake

and your secret wish to escape,

their bordered calamity.

The truth of their infidelity.

By a blue flamed crystal vision,

I know,

clearly you could see,

the essence of moral truth,

A final angelic Epiphany!

They encircled your body and soul,

all of thee,

and hung you by a noose

in a mighty oak tree.

A soft spring day

you were found

Bloated, Swinging, and Pale,

You fulfilled their lustful fuck rancid tale.

I wish you could have escaped their hooded cycle

Dearest, my best friend, until the end, Michael!

Down in a hole

No one told

In this thicket of thieves

Money beats soul!!!!!!!!

© 2009 Michael Achilles


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