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Poetry: Beyond the Lines

Updated on May 5, 2016

Beyond the lines of these words he pens

Beyond the lines of where he stands

My heart drowns of fear impends

Should his soul be lying in the sands

When promises are promises fore-broken

A step from the threshold is a step unreturned

When each word is one more breath stolen

And each letter a one-more-hope possibly fallen

The hero he speaks of, a foe or friend

Beyond the lines, at times not one understands

Who's the bloody hand or the helping hand

How's he gonna know when he's behind the lines?

But I see the sun beyond the lines

Whatever march the comrades are assigned

For bad or worse it opens your mind

It's then you really see what you still have behind

Every song he sends I hope he's nearing me

That lesser fears would taint the melody

But if he goes beyond the lines he sends me

I know that he's finally truly free

January 17, 2016

© 2016 Carmen Beth


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