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Bing Bong

Updated on November 20, 2010
Bing Bong
Bing Bong | Source

Oh, let not the fate of his unfortunate older cousin befall Bing Bong!

For, unlike the King, there is not a single mean or vicious or angry or vengeful bone in all of Bing’s troglodytic torso!

Bing likes badminton and butterflies and belly-flops in the balmy bay. Mr. Bong is fond of friendly frolics amid the forsythia, and freely foraging for fructivorous fancies. This primate is primed for perambulating the prairie with his peripatetic peers, peeping for posies.

Bodacious Bing Bong: a gentler nor more genteel gorilla may never more be found!

(Isn’t his beanie cute?)


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    • profile image

      Chynna 3 years ago

      Great article but it didn't have evnyethirg-I didn't find the kitchen sink!