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Original Bird Poems and Bird Pictures

Updated on January 15, 2015
Yellow "They call me mellow" Warbler
Yellow "They call me mellow" Warbler | Source

Welcome to Original Bird Poems and Bird Pictures!

Here is a unique mix of original poems about birds that I have written, combined with bird pictures from Canadian Birds in my Garden.


My Inspiration

My inspiration for writing these bird poems comes from photographing birds in my garden. I enjoy watching their antics at the feeders and their interaction with other birds and animals that visit my backyard.

As you'll see, like many North American bird lovers, I have a love / hate relationship with the local raccoons because they use their persistence, and strong claws, to get at my bird seed no matter where I hide it!

An Apology

Let me apologize in advance to real poets everywhere. This is my first stab at writing poetry and I have no formal training so the results are somewhat amateurish.

By way of explanation, I offer this:

"I want to make my poems rhyme, I try to do it all the time.

It may not be the best approach .. what can I do without a coach?

Each syllable I try to count, but it's not easy to surmount.

It seems Am-e-ri-can is four, while hum-ming-bird is just three more!

Now take a look and read awhile, I hope they leave you with a smile!"

The Boys of Summer!

"Game On! Play Ball!" screeched the Blue Jay
"Game On! Play Ball!" screeched the Blue Jay | Source

Inspiration for this bird poem comes from my love of baseball. I am a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays, my home team, and World Series Champions in 1992 and 1993.

I've also read just about every book ever written by the great Canadian writer W.P. Kinsella. His most famous baseball novel, Shoeless Joe, was made into the classic movie "The Field of Dreams".

This bird poem celebrates The Boys of Summer, as baseball players are often known.

Hi Mr Blue Jay, Will you play with me?
Hi Mr Blue Jay, Will you play with me? | Source

The Boys of Summer

by Geoff Clarke

When the Blue Jay flies in to feed

On some peanuts and wild bird seed

Raccoon is waiting for the bird

And this is what I overheard:

"Good Morning Mister Blue Jay

How are you this glorious day?

Please throw me down some tasty nuts

And I'll promise not to be a clutz"

The Blue Jay threw a nut southpaw.

The raccoon did catch it in his claw.

“Where did you learn to throw so well?”, the raccoon asked, he could not tell.

The Toronto Blue Jay replied, "At SkyDome where we reside"

“Where did you learn to catch like that?” the Blue Jay pondered as he sat.

"I use my paws to tag my kits, with these claws I don't need mitts!"

"Let's play a game" the raccoon said, "we still have time before our bed".

"Game On! Play Ball!" screeched the Blue Jay, "The Boys of Summer are here to play!"

The Cardinals

A pair of Northern Cardinals
A pair of Northern Cardinals | Source

Inspiration for this, my favourite bird poem, comes from my love affair with the Northern Cardinals. These birds remain in and around my garden all year and, when it is dull and drab outside, I am always cheered up by seeing a flash of red when the cardinals appear. They form a strong pair bond and are usually the first and last visitors of the day at my feeder.

The Cardinals by Geoff Clarke

Male Cardinal
Male Cardinal | Source
Young Female Cardinal
Young Female Cardinal | Source

It was a dreary winter's day,

And everything was dull and grey.

The drabness does not stem my tears,

But suddenly my friend appears.

A flash of red in the cedar,

On the fence then at the feeder.

The Cardinals are here all year,

Always together, always near.

They lift my heart, I know not why,

They cheer me up when they come by.

The male is red, a bright, bright red,

His partner’s brown, even on her head.

The Cardinals each have a crest,

So they always look at their best.

The Cardinals are here all year,

Always together, always near.

American Bald Eagle
American Bald Eagle | Source

The American Eagle

by Geoff Clarke

Watch the American Eagle soar

King of the Skies in old folklore

He's majestic and strong

With his wingspan so long

Long live the bald eagle of yore!

The Mourning Dove and The Hawk

Mourning doves at the feeder
Mourning doves at the feeder | Source

Inspiration for this bird poem came recently when we heard a thud at the kitchen window. When we went outside there was a pile of feathers where one of our resident mourning doves once sat. I can only conclude that one of the local hawks was to blame!

The Mourning Dove and The Hawk

by Geoff Clarke


The mourning doves are always here

Sitting around without any fear.

Meanwhile the hawk is high above

Looking for a tasty dove

Spotting his prey far down below

He dives to strike a stunning blow

Goodbye our darling mourning dove

Rest in peace, with all our love.

The Oriole and the Hummingbird

The Hummingbird approaches the feeder!
The Hummingbird approaches the feeder! | Source

The inspiration for this bird poem came from the bird picture above showing a female ruby-throated hummingbird attempting to reach the nectar feeder but finding an Oriole already there. Hummingbirds are notoriously aggressive, not only with other birds, but also with each other.

The Oriole and the Hummingbird

by Geoff Clarke

I'm Tougher Than You Think!
I'm Tougher Than You Think! | Source

The Oriole is thirsty and tries to get a drink

When the hummingbird approaches, attracted by the pink

The female Ruby-Throat hovers and flits

Scaring the Oriole out of its wits.

Sipping on the nectar, she says with a wink

"Don’t be fooled by me, I’m tougher than you think!"

The Raccoon Wars

"I think I'm a bird"
"I think I'm a bird" | Source

Inspiration for this original poem comes from my constant battle to keep raccoons away from my bird feeder and seed supplies. Honestly, even though they are considered by many to be a pest, I like the masked bandits really.

The Raccoon Wars by Geoff Clarke

"Hi Mum, Look at me!"
"Hi Mum, Look at me!" | Source

Raccoons are scroungers in my yard

To keep them from the seed is hard.

Tried a sign 'Don't eat my seed'

But seems as if they cannot read!

When evening comes the games begin

I wonder who is going to win?

I hear a noise out on the deck

My camera's ready, round my neck

The masked bandit is on the prowl

He’s up to something that’s quite foul

The flash goes off, I get the shot

He's up the pole and gets the lot!

Why do I try? I cannot win

It seems to me, I should give in!

The Woodpecker

Woodpecker eating nuts
Woodpecker eating nuts | Source

Inspiration for this final bird poem comes from the constant stream of woodpeckers that fly out of the nearby woods onto by peanut feeder. I love the sound of a woodpecker almost as much as they love to peck!

The Woodpecker by Geoff Clarke

Woodpeckers peck at wood - Tap! Tap! Tap!

Searching for bugs and grubs – Rap! Rap! Rap!

Making holes in all the trees

Turning them into Swiss cheese

Drinking fluid from the trunk – Sap! Sap! Sap!

Celebrate The Birds In Your Garden!

I hope you've enjoyed Original Bird Poems and Bird Pictures, my first stab at writing poetry, coupled with my own bird photography. Hopefully I'll get better, but it was fun trying!

For more bird-related articles, with lots of bird pictures but no bird poems (I promise), you might be interested in:

Thanks for stopping by!



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    • chef-de-jour profile image

      Andrew Spacey 4 years ago from Near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire,UK

      I enjoyed your article - what a treat to have so many birds frequenting your back garden - and you've captured just what you wanted with word and image.

      Birds bring so much inspiration, glad to see you've been inspired!

    • geoffclarke profile image

      geoffclarke 5 years ago from Canada

      Thanks Shara63, glad you enjoyed them and thanks for visiting. Geoff

    • shara63 profile image

      Farhat 5 years ago from Delhi

      very well composed poems and superb pictorial presentation .... you are a true nature lover Geoff & so an amazing poet !...shara

    • geoffclarke profile image

      geoffclarke 5 years ago from Canada

      Hi Helen

      Thank you for your kind comments. I'm pleased that my Hub brought back fond memories of your mom. I love your beautiful sunset picture!


    • profile image

      oceansider 5 years ago

      Thank you for the beautiful photos of birds and the poems.

      Looking at the birds made me think of my mom, who passed away just two years ago in January. She was a bird lover, and I would have loved these pictures.


    • geoffclarke profile image

      geoffclarke 5 years ago from Canada

      Thanks Lenzy, glad you enjoyed my bird poems. Keep birding! Geoff

    • Lenzy profile image

      Lenzy 5 years ago from Arlington, Texas

      Good job Geoff,

      Your poems were a lot of fun and I love poems with pictures. I'm also a bird watcher so you can't lose. I enjoyed your hub. Lenzy

    • geoffclarke profile image

      geoffclarke 5 years ago from Canada

      Thanks Deb, I had fun writing it and I appreciate the vote of confidence! Geoff

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Voted up and awesome. Great job, Geoff, you are a Poetry Master! I enjoyed this thoroughly!