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Black Friday 2011 Shopping

Updated on November 27, 2011

Black Friday 2011

Fill your Muffin top until it pops.

Ready yourself for the disappointing shop.

It is Black Friday 2011.

And it is definetly hell and not heaven.

But you'll have to be a Rhodes Scholar.

To get all your gifts with only a few dollars.

But when you leave without your gifts.

Give your spirit a lift.

Go home and fill the hole

With the left over sweet potato casserole.

Your government believes poverty is your station.

Call them and ask...oh, wait they are all away on vacation.


Pretty obvious that I don't believe this Holiday Season is going ot be very much fun for the average person. The sad part about it is we will have children in America going hungry this Holiday Season while the government founders itself yet again. And the government doesn't care. They think they can scare us into oppression. They count on it to succeed. It isn't like they aren't all running from the people with HIV.

They will bring our troops home to exceptionally high unemployment which means their holiday might be okay this year but will be ruined for year and years to come. But hey, as long as the party keeps going on in DC at the expense of everyone outside of DC, I guess it is all good with those elected officials.

And I personally will not just blame the Democrats. I will have plenty of blame to go around for all of DC. And they are just so incompetent and impotent that they can't or will not do anything to help anyone besides themselves. I hope both parties really get they are both about to lose power in this country. We have been flat regressive taxed to death in this country to the point we are all in poverty. And it is designed by both parties so both of them deserve equal blame. This holiday Season will be political death to all inhabitants of Washington DC.

And of course as always this is political satire. I have only just learned poetry. Sadly I have been exposed to politics my entire life.


I used the word station to refer to your place in life. As to say the government believes that your place is impoverishment. I thought that might throw some of you so I wanted to be clear and make that clarification.

And if you don't know what a muffin top is, it is the fat roll over your jeans when your stomach is too big to fit into your pants any longer. I thought the idea of exploding muffin tops or muffin tops that popped was pretty fun. Although I would not make fun of the muffin top phenomena in America. Sadly we are the only country in the world that expects grandmother's to be a 110 lbs and size two and still sexy. I will never understand why we can't just allow people to be who they are in this country instead of trying to cookie cut them into something they are not. It makes for a very unhappy country. Not to mention the extreme poverty which forces people to eat bad food since it is much cheaper causing obesity. Has anyone in this country considered that obesity is optional to poverty? Fix the economy dumb Washington DC and then see how many overweight children you have. It is absolutely ridiculous to fight a war on obesity and ignore the cause which is childhood poverty that is unless you want t loss the war intentionally.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Zeikku,

      I have a lot of friends involved with OWS and I know their intentions are pure. I am just afraid we may change on horrific dictator for another. You know the new boss will be much like the old. That is what happened to Obama. Besides his skin color he is indistinguishable from George Bushes policies.

      I think the more important question is not if we will change but what will we change to. We need all new people in DC. All the old bums need to be kicked out on their cans. Congress was suppose to be over seeing the war so we didn't compromise our physical house hence our national security and they failed to for the entire duration of the Middle Eastern Conflict. Why would anyone re-elect them. They talk to the American people about their habits and addictions and yet DC can't seem to grapple that they are the ones with the most costly addictive behavior in the country. DC is the biggest welfare recipients in the country. That is where I would cut first. Wall Street is enabled to do business the way it does by DC. And therefore I think the protests should be focused on DC. Because that is where the real change needs to happen and it was promised to us by Barack Obama when he was elected and not one lobbiest has been kicked out of there yet!!

      So the short answer after the long answer is America is filled with good people who suffer under a horrible greedy government.

      Thanks for asking, reading and commenting.


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      What do you think of Occupy Wall Street? I'm personally pretty excited by the phenomenon. Not that it is addressing everything you mentioned but I always think that popular, united struggle is the only way to change these things long-term for the better.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Lord,

      The pen is mightier then the sword. And my political satirical poem is just that...a political satiriical poem.

      Funny you should mention the Secret Service. My family worked for nine presidents and my grandmother did some work for FDR so I guess it is more like ten presidents. My family served in the secret service. I doubt anyone in that particular profession would be interested in a novice poet like myself.

      My families appointments began with Rutherford B. Hayes. Our family is listed in that library as I am a Bosch. So trust me, I am not a person of interest from a laptop.

      None of our politicians are going to heaven Lord. It is the other place they are headed for.

      DC is only going to continue to behave the way they do until enough people outside the beltway stand up to them and say "No". And then they will have to change. They will have no choice. It is a pathetic idea that all those people who are the biggest welfare recipients in the country think they can actually run the country from their Ivy Towers. It is a delusion and a justification for them living so well at the expense of our children and families.

      But this was just a poem. What could a poem possibly hurt?

      My son wants to be presidnet because my family has served in the executive branch for over a 100 years and he feels like it is his turn to be on top. He becomes President and the Secret Service will have a problem with me because I am such a lioness as a Mother.

      Thanks for the Vote Up My Friend.


    • Lord De Cross profile image

      Joseph De Cross 

      6 years ago from New York

      Oh My God!

      Either Uncle Sam's Secret Service elite, will call you or Federals will have a talk with you Young lady. How can you, disgruntly, can talk about things that arose after world war two. You tried at least, but be careful JT. These megapoliticians are her to stay for a while, unless we THE PEOPLE... do something about it. We apy taxes, we get our children educated in here and we feed these phantoms of the Opera. But as you see, our Efforts will be in vain if we just live a normal life, apparently and ignore the foreclosures and those big bail outs for our Bankers. But the best thing is to come. They think they have it good...At the end when they go to "heaven" they will be reminded of their deeds. Voted up! my friend.



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