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Christmas Shopping Online on Black Friday

Updated on July 26, 2012

Christmas Shopping Onlilne on Black Friday

I am preparing our Thanksgiving feast and I am so utterly grateful to have a Thanksgiving Feast. I wanted to think of ideas for your holiday shopping. Sometimes it is very difficult to come up with that perfect gift for your child, family or significant other. And I am a person who likes to avoid crowds in general but especially Black Friday crowds. I am a very practical person so I buy practical gifts. Even when I had a great deal of money I limited my extravagant gifts to one or two per person and then the rest practical gifts.

I also have a Thanksgiving rule. My son must give up twelve of his toys each Thanksgiving evening. We have to pack them up and give them to charity. I like Good Will or the Salvation Army for donations but really any organization will do. Or if in fact you have friends who have younger children you can always just donate to them. The donation to Good Will and the Salvation Army is a tax write off. And they provide the legal documentation for your taxes. Since I usually donate more than just toys I usually get the full $500 tax deduction. And trust me if you do this enough years Christmas starts to pay for itself, you are helping a worthy cause and of course you are helping families who can’t necessarily afford Christmas or the Holidays to have Holidays. And $500 for a Christmas budget is a pretty hefty budget. So if you always take that tax deduction and stick it in the mattress you will always have for the Holidays.

So today the parting with the old toys will occur after Thanksgiving supper. I already have taken a few my son no longer plays with and put them away. But he will have to sacrifice to get anything for the Holidays. There must be balance in his life. But this isn’t always easy. My son had an intelligence table that we had to give to charity that he absolutely loved and all of his Little People by Fischer Price and their respective villages had to go. And my son had to give up his train set which almost broke both of us. But in order to receive I believe we have to give. And as I have previously stated it has a tax benefit that helps pay for the next years Holidays. But it isn’t always easy.

So while you are finishing your Thanksgiving Turkey or if you are one of my International reader just reading through Hub pages, I wanted to give you Holiday ideas for the Tannenbaum as that is what we call it.

In Conclusion

These are just a few ideas for the Holidays so you can get started on your shopping. Themajority of this article is dedicated to giving you ideas of things to buy for your family for the holidays. But it was also designed to encourage you to give to charity and party with some of your old things in order to gain a tax credit so you can also finance next years Christmas. I believe in exceptionally practical Holidays and only giving one or two extravagant gifts. Laptops, Kindle Fires and Ipads are exceptionally low priced. And they have the appeal of being extravagant without the extravagant price tag. There are items which are on the higher end of the price scale but if you are in the market they are only a click away.

The most important thing is to remember the Holidays is bout being together. The gifts are nice as well but in the grand scheme of things the most important things is that you are together as a family.

So happy holidays one and all.


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