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Blood Fix Part 3

Updated on May 9, 2012

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Blood Fix Part 3

Blood Fix Part 1

Blood Fix Part 2

Jonathan Frank had the ideal job; he loved it, he really did. He had wanted to be a police officer as long as he could remember. His favorite game as a child was cops and robbers, as he would hunt around his house for the other neighbor kids, silver cap gun in hand. Finding them he would lift the gun and call freeze, if they ran the pop, pop of the gun would go off, gray smoke rising into the air as he glanced down his arm past the sight at the end of the barrel. Some of the kids would fall in mock death while others would continue to run away, unfazed. One or two even turned into super-villains and flew away from the bullets or had them bounce off of them harmlessly.

He had done the POST training and even was in the top five percent of his class. Silver Creek Police Department was very proud of him and accepted him into their ranks and had placed him in potrol with Dan Barrett, an older officer who should have been promoted up into the ranks but because of his desire to stay on the streets had somehow resisted the promotions. The two friends John and Dan although twenty years in age differentiated between them, were the perfect partners. Both enjoyed the job, knew the risks, loved the adventure and the quiet moments, and most important the neighborhood kids actually did love them.

Neither believed in “bad kids” only kids who needed guidance, they were just as soon to take a kid to the boys and girls club as they were to the police station. Today they were responding to a different kind of call, a jogger had noticed a suspicious looking home, and called it in. They were making a call to investigate and make sure everything was ok.

They pulled up to the home registered at the residence of Michael and Jackie Kramer, John knew Mike from school many years before, they hadn’t really been friends but they did know each other but they hadn’t talked since high school. He had never met Jackie. Behind the house they could see the front door open and the living room light was lit. They began to walk toward the house when Dan held out his hand and paused, on the ground crossing the sidewalk was a dark muddy blood trail, it looked like someone had dragged a body toward the house.

Dan pulled his gun out and John followed suit. Dan put one finger to his mouth silencing John which John responded with a nod. Guns drawn they began to slowly approach the house, first hiding behind the hedges, then while Dan covered John they moved closer to the house. Dan made his way to one side of the door and quickly glanced in pulling back, looking to John. He signed out one on the floor. John nodded again and moved up to the other side of the door.

“Silver Creek Police Department,” Dan yelled out so anyone within the house would hear, “please put your hands up where we can see them, we are coming in.” The officers waited for a second listening for voices or movement, anything that might tell them if anyone was responding or attempting to respond.

When silence was their only response John entered the living room, he glanced down at the body on the floor, mangled and torn, a knife sticking out of its back. He glanced around the room, there were minor signs of a struggle, but it looked like the struggle was away from the body, toward the kitchen.

Dan entered the room, gun extended in front of him as he began to check the rooms off to the right, he checked the master bedroom glancing quickly behind the door and then looking around the room, the bed was made and placed upon it were three dresses and two pair of heels.

He repeated the same scan with the second room; this room was a home office and looked in organized disarray of a well-used office. He exited the room and moved back into the living room where John was waiting.

They advanced slowly toward the kitchen, and instantly noticed the blood; it wasn’t an overly extensive amount but an obvious blood trail that ran toward the door next to the backdoor, obviously a stairwell leading downstairs. There was blood on the door nob and a bloody handprint on the door itself, it gave the appearance that someone had leaned on the door before opening it.

Dan spoke quietly into his cd radio on his left shoulder. “Code 6, 187, 11-44” John nodded quickly going through the statement, they were out of the car, assistance may be needed, homicide, coroner request.

John turned the handle slowly, while Dan held his gun in both hands, although they both knew that the blood on the handle would be tampered with securing the home was more important. The door opened to a dark stairwell, John flipped the light switch but it remained dark. He pulled his flash light from his belt and holding it one hand and the gun in the other began the decent down the stairs. Dan did the same and followed slowly behind. The lights played off the walls and floor and both could see the body of a man on the floor, it appeared to be trembling, rolled into a fetal position on the cold cement. Both officers trained their guns on the man and approached slowly flashlights laminating as they went. They noticed the pool of blood under the body and the trauma to his head as they got closer, it looked like he had been hit repeatedly on the side of the head with a blunt object. The bone was caved in and parts of his brain were visible glistening in the light. “11-8, 11-41” Dan called into his cb mic. “Person Down, Ambulance Needed.” It was then that John saw her come from the corner, how had they missed her before. She lunged on Dan in a fluid motion snarling as she went. John reacted to her as quickly as he could. She snapped her teeth wildly at Dan just missing the flesh of his right cheek.

Dan turned quickly dodging away from her as John grabbed her left arm, dropping his flashlight as he did so. John holstered his gun and tried to grab her other arm, but at that moment she closed the distance between them biting him on his shoulder and then going for his neck. Dan got into the fray then grabbing her around the neck with his arm and pulling her back. John grabbed both of her arms and careful to avoid getting bit again forced her arms behind her and after a few moments of struggle managed to get the cuffs on her. She struggled continuously trying to bite both John and Dan but finally they forced her to the ground and cuffed her ankles as well.

They each grabbed an arm and carried the woman up the stairs cautioning her against stuggling against them to no avail. When they got to the lighted kitchen she began to scream in utter terror and pain, Dan looked at John and then to the woman. “Let’s get her outside.”

She collapsed trying to fall to the floor but the officers dragged her though the house and out the front door. She snarled again, and screamed more loudly then gnashing her teeth and closing her eyes shaking her head wildly. They dragged her to the car and forced her inside, where she thrashed around like a dying fish.

Dan could hear the sirens of the other officers and ambulance as they neared. He turned toward John who was squinting his eyes and looking down at the ground, turning and fidgeting.

“You ok buddy?” Dan asked, reaching out to support his friend.

Something made Dan pause and step back. John turned his eyes up in his tilted head and growled deeply before jumping at his friend.


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    • jcdelfinoiii profile imageAUTHOR

      J. C. Delfino III 

      6 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      I do in fact have the next section up.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      nice do you have p.4 up yet

    • jcdelfinoiii profile imageAUTHOR

      J. C. Delfino III 

      6 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      Look for part four in a few days, I should have it ready to go then, I don't want to give to much away but it's going to tie together soon. ;-)

    • Georgie Lowery profile image

      GH Price 

      6 years ago from North Florida

      Awesome installment. I can't wait to see what happens next!


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