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Blood Fix Part 1

Updated on January 1, 2013

By J.C. Delfino III

He looked at the bottom of the mug as he pulled it from his lip. It was freshly drained, empty, just like he was. The foam of the freshly poured beer was all that remained on the bottom of the mug; a few drops of the liquid had formed and began to streak down the outside of the mug as he placed it back on the bar.

He didn’t look up, staring instead at the hard wood countertop that ran off into the horizon on both sides of him. “Another,” he asked trying to keep his voice tight, not to let the emotions running though his heart be visible or audible for others to detect. He would suffer in quiet; as he always did.

The bartender, an attractive young woman whose natural beauty Kevin didn’t even notice picked up the mug and walked over to the tab to refill it for him. He observed the circle of condensation that formed under the mug, as he thought; I have come a full circle, back to where I met her. He knew he shouldn’t have come here. It was filled with too many memories. Memories of countless games of pool at the tables just behind and to the right of him, or dancing on the small hardwood floor, as they spun and twirled to the sounds of somebody doing a terrible job of country karaoke. They were not good dancers, more steps missed then made, but the missed steps were always joined by laughter, and hers had been more beautiful than all the love songs that the men would try singing to their ladies.

He felt his eyes watering as he thought of her now, and it was at that moment that the bartender set the drink in front of him. “You ok honey?” she asked, he knew she couldn’t care less, she was the poor man’s shrink, someone to ramble about love lost and found. But he wasn’t that type.

“Just smoke in the eyes, I am fine.” He replied picking up the drink and turning his back to the bar and her probing eyes. This one he would drink slower and by the time he had another she would have forgotten the smoke that affected his eyes, and he would have better control.

“Damn,” he swore silently.

He stepped away from the bar and walked toward the Karaoke area, where some city cowboy was doing his best to kill an otherwise wonderful song by Keith Urban. The cowboy sat on a stool with the mic held too close to his face, and a beer bottle in the other hand. In between verses he would switch back and forth between the two, at times trying to drink from the mic or singing into the beer, which obviously was his first love.

He didn’t know why he loved this little country bar so much; he wasn’t a fan of country music, or western wear. Although he did admit he loved seeing a woman in boots and a white Stetson.

He was wearing jeans, but they were not the same Levi’s or Wranglers that everyone else in the place seemed to be wearing, his were black and stylish, almost too youthful for his tastes, but she had picked out most of his clothes, and somewhere along the way he has lost his style, and really couldn’t remember what it looked like anyway. He wore a tight brand name pull over top, solid black except for a logo on the end of the right full length sleeve. The logo formed the word look, with the two o’s enlarged and made to look like eyeballs. To top it off he had dress shoes on, which were starting to hurt his feet from the long day and the miles walked since he had seen her. He really looked out of place, he really didn’t care.

But it was probably that fact that changed his life that night, the fact that he was out of place, didn’t seem to fit in. It made him stand out, a target for someone looking for a victim.

Chloe was beside him at that moment. “Hello,” a simple musical whisper of wind into his ear. It both caused his heart to race and his shoulders to relax, a feeling of utter excitement and total calm, high tide and low tide all at once. Chloe could have any man in the bar that night, she knew it. A simple unresistable word whispered into the ear could magically entrap any man. She had the ability and wasn’t afraid to use it. He was a toy nothing more, to be played with and discarded….or so she thought. Never knowing that by entrapping him, he also was entrapping her.

She took his hand and led him to the dance floor, where a few others had gathered in an attempt at drunken line dancing. He followed slowly, no effort to deny her the dance, but he desperately wanted to leave and take her home with him. Once on the dance floor she stopped pulling him and moved close to his shivering body. She pressed her body close to his, wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder her mouth only inches away from his neck. She wanted him now, here, but of course wanted to toy with him first. She blew gently on the side of his neck, sending shivers across his body and increasing his breath tenfold. She smiled and bit her lower lip.

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It came slowing toward the lights of the town, crawling on its two arms, dragging its mangled legs behind it. The legs and parts of the rest of its body had been shredded and ripped, its blood was almost gone, and it should have been dead, except the venom had inhabited the brain, driving it insane, killing the pain that should have been unbearable. It reached up with a muddy hand, pulling it over a rock, dragging it next to a tree, closer to the lights. It took hours to cross the last miles and by then most of the traffic was gone from the town, just the late night party crowd left, moving from tavern to tavern, or off on an adventure at someone’s home they had met that evening. It crawled through a park, under the swings, past the metal slide and into the road.

The lights of the town were dimmed considerably as the town had retired for the evening, so it changed its focus to movement, searching out any movement and crawling slowly toward it. Unfortunately for it, crawling was tedious and time consuming, and all movement seemed to move away from it. But still it crawled, it crawled down a dark, wet sidewalk, next to some shrubs, in its endless quest….to eat.

At that moment Jackie and Mike Kramer pulled up to their house, just a few yards away from it. It tried to hurry to them, this movement, closing the distance as fast as it could. Mike got out first, stumbling along as he went; he circled the car widely thumbing for his house key. He glanced at the car, seeing Jackie looking at him with a pouty look on her face.

Damn woman I own you. Get your own stinking door. He thought as he approached her door.

When she saw him reach for the door she beamed. “What a gentleman.” She said with a giggle.

He rolled his eyes as he opened the door, and just to add to the insult he slurred out, “Your castle, my queen.” It was ripe with sarcasm, but in their drunkenness it sounded romantic and Jackie giggled again.

It was now only a few feet from them, and it tried to reach out for Jackie’s foot, but as it grabbed toward her leg she stepped away following Mike toward the house.

“My prince is getting lucky tonight.” She giggled.

Getting lucky tonight means going to bed without having to say another word or even look at you witch.

It turned to follow them crawling between the tall hedges that ran along the sidewalk in from of their house. It watched their movements as they stumbled up the stairs toward the front door. They moved slowly but it was a speed it could not match. They opened the door and stepped inside, Jackie still giggling and Mike still mumbling.

“Don’t forget to let the dog out.” Jackie said already starting to slip her high heels off, spinning one on her finger.

I can’t lift you.

The little white poodle barked twice and ran past Jackie and Mike and though the open door. There was a quick yelp and then silence.

Damn thing probably tripped on the steps.

There was a scratching at the door and Mike moved back to open it Jackie spinning circles singing a song both shoes hanging from one hand running her other hand though her hair. She was attempting to dance to the music of a song stuck in her head that they had heard earlier.

Mike grabbed the doorknob and turned to face her as he turned the knob, he was going to say something smart as he opened the door to let the dog back in. There was something in the way she looked at him, that wide eyed wondering look, which made him pause. Then he realized she wasn’t looking at him.

She led him slowly from the bar, his hand in hers, leading him silently to his doom. She ran her other hand down her side, raking the nails across her tight shirt, she had him captured, seduced in silent lucidity. She was going to play, and she longed for it, she bit her lip again, the black lipstick, clinging to her top teeth, had he been more aware, he might have noticed the teeth, the longer sharp canines, had he not been entranced.

She brought him into a nearby alley, and slowly pushed him against the wall. He didn’t notice the cold stone on his back, the water puddles at his feet, or the way the distant lights played off of them. He only noticed her eyes, her voice, and her lips. He wanted to kiss her, right then right there fully, passionately, a long kiss goodbye. He knew in his heart this would be the last time he saw her, she told him so. He believed her whispers as if they were the most sacred words ever spoken. This night, this once in a lifetime night, he realized how special it was. He only wanted her commands.

She moved closer, running her hands up and down his muscular chest, brought her hand over his heart, stopping there to feel his racing heartbeat. She felt the constant thud, thud, thud. Her throat ran dry, and she licked her lips. She savored the moment. She brought her head down to his chest and lightly kissed the skin above where his heart lied. He closed his eyes in ecstasy.

“I love you,” he said.

“I know you do honey, I know you do,” she replied.

She brought her face up just a little kissing him high on his chest, he shivered to her touch. She kissed him again, this time in the hole formed under his Adam ’s apple, and then she kissed the Adam’s apple itself. She moved up to his chin, where the evening stubble was starting to form, she kissed him on the crease that divided the middle of his chin. She moved to his left cheek, kissing once, twice as she worked back toward his ear. She brought her head down kissing the ridge of his chin and finally descended to his neck. She found his pulse on his upper neck and she kissed there slowly, letting her tongue flick his skin. He moaned quietly. She bit her bottom lip one last time, and then slowly drove her enlarged teeth into his soft flesh.

He quivered slightly, and she began to feel his life flow wet her mouth and throat. Her nostrils flared and she fed.

The Story Continues Here:

Blood Fix Part 2

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For more of my writings from around the Net check out my Facebook page.


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    • wayne barrett profile image

      Wayne Barrett 

      6 years ago from Clearwater Florida

      Okay...I'm hooked. Got to go for part II now.

    • jcdelfinoiii profile imageAUTHOR

      J. C. Delfino III 

      7 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      Thank you, part two is up, part three hopefully in the next week.

    • dalton71482 profile image

      Jeremy Wade 

      7 years ago from Tennessee

      interesting voted up will read part two


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