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Bonnets 'n Boots (a short story)

Updated on July 26, 2013

Little Miss Bonnets 'n Boots

Bonnets 'n Boots was a cute little girl. She liked her bonnets, and she loved her boots. She had the dickens in her eyes. If you were wise enough, one look at her would tell you all that you needed to know about mischief. She could play the part of the little lady, but she was a wild child.

Bonnets and Boots
Bonnets and Boots

The Boys

One day she went out to see what the boys were doing. At first they were watching ants. Then they started rough housing. She studied them all the while. After a time, the boys got boastful and started trying to one up each other. Bonnets 'n Boots walked in a direction that took her close to them, and said out loud, to no one in particular, "If a boy was to know anything, you think he would know about fishin’. I don’t think any of the boys around here would know fishin’ from a frogs bottom." This got their attention.

Stirring Things Up

‘Whatta you know bout fishin’?” said one of em. She responded with an innocent smile beaming from her face, “Well which one a you all is the best at it?” This started quite the commotion. She let their tempest come to a crescendo before interjecting. Well I do believe we have the makings of a good competition. Lest of course you all’s bark is bigger than your bite. This sent the boys scrambling home for their fishing gear.

The Contest

They reconvened at the pond. The boys put on quite the show of tying their hooks on, and baiting, and which lures they would use. One said, I always use my pa’s homemade flies. Another boy said “Whaddyamean? You still use your daddy’s flies? I make my own. And so it went.


 Before long some fish were caught, and they all brought their fish to Little Miss Bonnets and Boots to keep the tally.  

The Winner And a Twist To Our Plot

Eventually there was a winner, and she played him up as quite the winner. Then she laid on a deeper layer of toying with them and said “Fishing is fine, but any boy worth more than his shirt would know about catchin frogs”. This gave hope for the losers of the fishing competition to save face, and of course as it goes with boys, the winner was afraid of losing the spotlight so short lived. He was one of the first to start searching for frogs.

They all left in a cloud of hustle and noise, leaving Little Miss Bonnets and Boots with a whole bucket of fish.

She hummed a little tune to herself as she carried them home.


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