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Book Review: Pall in the Family by Dawn Eastman

Updated on April 6, 2015
Spend a week with the Fortune family in their first story. You'll be glad you did
Spend a week with the Fortune family in their first story. You'll be glad you did

If you're planning a lazy beach vacation this summer to the west side of Michigan and looking for a good read, then by all means pack Pall in the Family in your tote.

Written by first time author (and former Michigan resident) Dawn Eastman chances are you'll fall in love with the zany Fortune family. Especially if you're looking for a psychic type murder mystery.

Set in the fictional tourist town of Crystal Haven, MI, Clyde Fortune is on administrative leave from the Ann Arbor police department due to an incident she was involved in. Having grown up in Crystal Haven, she decides to spend the summer back home so that she can figure out what to do with her life.

But, being home does come with a price.

Crystal Haven is home to many spiritual advisors and Clyde has been fighting her visions for years. Her mother reads tarot cards and her aunt is a pet psychic. In a town filled with a psychic in every house coming home may not have been a good idea for her.

While dog walking with her nephew Seth (who loves to spend the summers in Crystal Haven) the two stumble across the body of their client, Sara Landess, Clyde's visions begin again and Seth confesses that he can communicate with animals. Clyde also has to face her former boyfriend Phillip Mackenzie.

Eastman is a born storyteller as the book flows flawlessly. Everything about it is top notch and while the action pretty much takes a backseat, its the characters who really bring the book to life.

The dialogue is natural and in my opinion, the one character who "breaks out" is Tom Andrews, a bumbling police officer who I envision as a cross between Eb from Green Acres and Barney Fife. It doesn't help that he's developed a crush on Clyde (who is quite oblivious since her feelings for Mac have resurfaced).

This is how a crimozy should be. It should be rich with interesting characters and an interesting storyline. Eastman delivers on both.

You'll love this book and I'm sure the Fortune family will be around for a long time to come.


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