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Book Review : Rain Clouds and Waterfall, by Piper Templeton

Updated on July 2, 2015

Book Review: Rain Clouds and Waterfalls, by Piper Templeton

I wanted to start this review for an understanding what the review brings to the author. First and foremost it allows the author to get a second or third eye on what the material is, how it would relate to readers, and hopefully; a review will drag more readers into reading the book. We are not editors we just try to illustrate how we see the work. Simple as it sounds, but in this case it is quite difficult. Templeton gives quite the enchanting story of trials and errors as a young girl begins to grow into a young woman while borrowing quite a bit from the Beatles. Overall she does this exponentially well. For the most part the story flows well. The task of using another work as the basis of your own is actually not always an easy task; I have to give Piper Templeton credit for what she did create.

Authors always harp on the little details. She often paints a picturesque scene. As you read you do become engulfed into the world she has created. On that note, several times I noted I had to stop and do a double take to see if that is how it reads. There are slight character issues that pop up here and there that do stop the flow. This is not at all referencing and editorial concerns. The characters often will say something that sets up the wall to stop you. The voices sometimes are in conflict with age and actual years.

Even though I felt the road blocks, I had to reread this to find the words to describe how I conceptualize Templeton’s work. I enjoyed it. Some of the passages hit you and take you back into the days when the only question people asked, “Are you a Stones or Beatles fan?” I would recommend this book as I see the potential for it to expand. I do love the texture she gives everything and brings together a simple time we all hear of but cannot fathom.

Happily I give this book four out of five stars. ****

Kristin Blizzard

June 26, 2015

Author of: What Murphy Didn’t Know, Secrets to Pushing and Marketing Your Book, Works of Blizzard


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