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Book Review and Critique

Updated on October 18, 2009

What the essence of her books were about...

 Natalie Goldberg has written two books on writing that I am aware of. Both books capture the essense of writing with a Wild Mind, uncensored, unedited and putting anything upon paper or on the computer. She has certain rules for doing this kind of writing. The rules are as follows: #1 "Keep your hand moving." #2 "Lose control." #3 "Be specific." #4 "Don't think."

#5 " Don't worry about punctuation, spelling, grammer." #6 "You are free to write the worse junk in America." #7 "Go for the jugular."  All of this is to get your creative juices flowing and to get the editor out of your head and the words upon the paper or on the computer so that you can be the writer you were called to be and to do the writing of which one has to come up with now and then. Her ideas of freedom and writing freely and out of control is an interesting perspective to take. I have such an editor in my head and I am so tempted to edit everything that I write

that perhaps I question, maybe I would have even more writings had I let go and worked with this kind of writing technique much sooner in my writing career. Her books also give writing exercises and suggestions that are very helpful for giving the reader ideas on what to write

or try for writing sessions. Natalie taught writing workshops and writes extensively of her experiences with teaching writing workshops. I highly recommend both books: Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg and Wild Mind, Living The Writing Life by Natalie Goldberg.

Her perspectives should be considered unique.




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