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Books You Need To Make More Money With Google Adsense

Updated on February 19, 2011

Why You Need Books to Earn More With Google Adsense

Google Adsense program is becoming more and more popular as more online publishers continue to testify about how much money they have made from this affiliate program that seems to be the number one work from home affiliate business online today. But one thing is joining the program; another thing is making reasonable money from it to at least pay your monthly bills. Whichever you chose, you need to read good Google Adsense books to prosper well in this business.

Undoubtedly, Adsense program is a very good and lucrative affiliate program for online publishers to engage, but not all publishers who enroll in this program do make it prosperous as they wished or desired. On the contrary, many other publishers are making good or to say big income with Google Adsense, so what is their secret?

The secret to every business is research. The more you research about a business, the more you understand its principle or modus operandi. So if you really desire to earn a living from Adsense program, you must take it as your business and make researches about it the same way you would research about your offline business.

Advantages of Books to Articles in Making Money With Adsense

From experience and findings, the best and proven methods of carrying out research about Google Adsense business is through reading books relating to Google pay per click program called Adsense, and as well by following other successful publisher’s experience and ideas on the internet through blogs, hubs or ezine articles, and finally by watching quality Adsense tutorial videos.

Above all, books remains the best resources for understanding the adsense program and other affiliate programs because of the following reasons:

-         Books offer a broad explanation of facts and certain things that may not be explained in a single article or hub

-         Books are always available for you to reference on at any time and place, but articles on the internet may not always be assessable when needed due to either unavailability of the internet in certain areas and time or cases whereby your laptop battery runs down or no electricity to power your desktop computer, etc.

Books offer refined and proven tips. As you already know, every book author wants his or her name to be referenced on at any time and generation, so he puts in his best knowing too well of the implications of publishing a wrong information, but articles can be unpublished at any time, so the writer may not border much about the quality or genuineness of the information he gives out, so long as he reaps the short term benefits

books are better than online articles
books are better than online articles

Get a Copy of These Books

The Books That Will Help You To Make Money With Adsense

Much said about the merits of books, what book or books do you need to read to understand the secrets and working principles of making money with google adsense, and how to implement them for your own adsense income increase? The number one book that will help you to make money with Google AdSense which I would recommend for you, is “Adsense for Dummies”. I have read a book with similar title, “Flash Animation for Dummies” and I enjoyed every paragraph in that book, so when I came across this book through a hubber’s Adsense book review hub, I was moved to order for the book without hesitation, and from the very day I glanced my eyes on the first paragraph of this book, "Google Adsense for Dummies", my whole Adsense publishing experience changed positively, including my earnings. So I suggest you also give it a shot and see, and don’t be surprised to see yourself writing a review of this book again.

Don't Miss This Best Seller Adsense Book

The second book I would recommend for you to make money with Adsense is: Adsense Code. This book is another wonder book for everyone desiring to earn big money with Adsense. It tells you what and how to do it to maximize your Adsense revenue on time.

So amazing to know, over 22,000 copies have been sold with over 75% testimonies. Don't wait for me to tell you that this is a best seller book as far as Google Adsense business is concerned.

Books That Helps You Understand Keywords in Google Adsense Program

Every publisher online today seem to know something about high paying keywords, and yet they keep earning below $0.001 per click, why? Get a copy of "Keyword Mastery" Read it all through, and you would understand everything about keywords.

The last book I am going to recommend for you is "Adsense Code" the revised edition.This book will place you at an advantage over other publishers if only you are good in implementing simple instructions. Follow every instruction given in the book, and discover things you never knew about Adsense.

You Also Need To Watch Quality Adsense Videos

Finally, I also recommend that you watch quality Adsense videos to complete your research about Google Adsense, and to increase your knowledge of earning more on this program. To find out the best videos that will guide you through a step by step to approach on how to make more money with google adsense, check this article: WHICH VIDEOS SHOULD I WATCH TO MAKE MORE MONEY WITH GOOGLE ADSENSE.

For now, I have to say goodbye and a very big good luck as you earn more and more with Adsense!


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    • accofranco profile image

      accofranco 6 years ago from L Island

      @chinemeremz, yes Adsense keep changing just like every other thing in life, but there are guiding principles to everything in life too...and those guiding principles for google Adsense can best be discovered through reading good and quality Adsense books...only if one desires to earn good income with google Adsense program. anyway, thanks for making out time to go through and to also comment...i really appreciate...keep reading as you continue to improve your Adsense income. cheers!

    • chinemeremz profile image

      chinemeremz 6 years ago

      The rules of the Adsense game changes every now and then: that is, what worked today might not be workable tomorrow. But having good books as guides can help you get a firm grip of the adsense situation.

      Thanks for taking out time to find and list these wonderful books.

      Voted up!!!

    • accofranco profile image

      accofranco 6 years ago from L Island

      @nighthag, honestly boks are so amazing in helping publishers increase their google Adsense income..and i bet you won't afford not to read any of those books...make sure you get one....thank you again.

    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 6 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for the information your articles where great