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Box-Head Fly in His New Xmas Sweater

Updated on February 21, 2011
Box-Head Fly in His New Xmas Sweater
Box-Head Fly in His New Xmas Sweater | Source

Catch him while you can!

This particular species of Box-Head Fly is especially useful, as his jaws are sized to fit the hex nuts on many small household appliances and fittings (convergent evolution at work). So grab him quickly, while he’s distracted!

It’s obvious why this guy’s not particularly alert. Judging from his wall-eyed gaze and new gaudy-weave Xmas turtleneck, he’s just managed to abscond from the annual holiday festivities of his massive home swarm.

Can’t say that I blame him. How many droplets of mediocre nog-nectar can one bug take? Who hasn’t heard fly-in-law Fleetus’ jokes for the thousandth time? Won’t the little maggots ever let up with those screeching choruses of ‘Feast of the Maggi’? And did you really expect him to stick around for Great-granny Diptera’s stuffed roast carrion and poop pie?


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